Hidden Driver-Facing Camera is Found in the Tesla Model 3

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【Summary】A recent discovery finds the Tesla Model 3 to have a hidden camera, unbeknownst to drivers.

Mia Bevacqua    Aug 12, 2017 11:00 AM PT
Hidden Driver-Facing Camera is Found in the Tesla Model 3

Sleeperware – it sounds like a new line of footie pajamas. What it really is though, is hardware built into a device, but not turned on – at least not upon initial release. A recent discovery found the Tesla Model 3 has a significant piece of built-in sleeperware.

What the Model 3 is hiding

Does that thought of your car watching you make you uneasy? Fred Lambert over at Electrotek recently discovered the Model 3 has a build in self-facing camera– it just isn't turned on. Yet.

The camera would be used to help the Model 3 gain level 4 autonomy. There are 5 levels, level 4 being the first that does not require the driver to take control.

Tesla made no mention of the camera to new owners during the car's initial release.

Why it has not been turned on

There are already vehicles on the market today boasting driver-facing cameras. The Cadillac CT6 will stare you down, via a camera attached to the top of the steering column. Audi's new A8, touted as the World's first car capable of Level 3 autonomy, is also packing a self-facing camera.

So, why hasn't Tesla turned on the camera in the Model 3? The auto maker has yet to say.

According to Elon Musk, the Model 3 could be converted to Level 4 autonomy with a simple over the air update. The camera too, could be turned on with some airborne tweaking.

Liberate the self-driving car

Current regulations stifle autonomous vehicles, the Audi A8 included. Although the German land yacht is capable of Level 3 autonomy, that function is currently turned off, per Government demands.

Should regulations be repealed, the Model 3 would most likely be granted level 4 autonomy. The camera would certainly be enabled at that time, too.

Until it's turned on (whenever that might be) the Model 3's self-facing camera will remain one of the industry's most intriguing forms of sleeperware.


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