Autonomous Cars Will Make Jobs Better, Says Quartz

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【Summary】According to a report by the Quartz, driverless vehicles will make some careers better, and won't just destroy motor-vehicle related industries that rely on human drivers.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Sep 03, 2017 10:00 AM PT
Autonomous Cars Will Make Jobs Better, Says Quartz

An entirely driverless future is quickly approaching and self-driving automobiles are bringing numerous upsides with them. Traffic, for instance, is expected to drastically decrease, while the number of automotive-related deaths will go down, as well. Individuals with disabilities that can't get around on their own will be able to travel  without any assistance. Clearly, self-driving cars will be welcomed by all, right?

Drawbacks Of An Autonomous Future

Unfortunately, there are a few major drawbacks to autonomous vehicles, including their price, which, according to Silicon Valley executives, is expected to eclipse hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition to the vehicles' insane price tags, self-driving cars are also expected to put millions of individuals out of a job. But in a recent report by Quartz, autonomous vehicles won't destroy jobs, but will make jobs much better. 

The outlet claims that approximately 4 million individuals in the U.S. will lose their jobs because of autonomous cars, including truck drivers, taxi drivers, and bus drivers – all of the affected careers fall under the umbrella motor vehicle operators. While that sounds like a major blow for autonomous vehicles, Quartz cites the U.S. Department of Commerce, which claims an additional 11.7 million people in the country claim driving is an important task for their occupation. And for those individuals, the outlet states that their occupation will "fundamentally change." 

How Will Driverless Cars Affect Careers?

While their careers will change, will it be for better or worse? Quartz believes that things will definitely improve with self-driving vehicles. Citing the Department of Commerce, Quartz states that on-the-job drivers may "benefit from greater productivity and better working conditions," reports the outlet. That, as Quartz points out, means driverless vehicles could even reduce the costs of certain jobs, which in turn would increase their demand. As an example, the outlet points towards the cost for plumbers and electricians going down, because of lower transportation costs. 

According to Quartz, the Department of Commerce believes that other industries, including security guards, police officers, personal care aides, firefighters, mail carriers, real estate agents, and many more, will all be affected by self-driving vehicles. And while the outlet believes autonomous vehicles will help a few of those industries, how the high-tech vehicles will affect others is still a mystery. 

One of the major industries that will be affected by driverless tech is the trucking industry. Various companies, including Uber, Volvo, and TuSimple have already started to test self-driving trucks. And while one would expect it to end there, Volvo is even testing autonomous garbage trucks in Sweden

So while the Department of Commerce believes that 4 million individuals will lose their jobs because of self-driving cars, Quartz claims that the jobs that do remain will be improved thanks to the autonomous tech. While that's another upside to driverless vehicles, more research needs to be conducted to ensure that autonomous cars don't make human drivers completely obsolete. 

via: Quartz

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