Oct 10th, 2017 News of the Day: Nvidia unveils new supercomputer for level 5 autonomous driving

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【Summary】Oct 10th, 2017 News of the Day

Lydia    Oct 10, 2017 3:20 PM PT
Oct 10th, 2017 News of the Day: Nvidia unveils new supercomputer for level 5 autonomous driving

Nvidia unveils new supercomputer for level 5 autonomous driving

Nvidia has been positioning itself as a leading computing power supplier for autonomous driving. Tesla deployed Nvidia's Drive PX2 computers in its vehicles last year and claimed it could eventually enable fully autonomous driving (level 5) – becoming the first to include it in production cars.

The new addition to Nvidia's Drive PX platform is called Pegasus, which delivers over 320 trillion operations per second — more than 10x the performance of its predecessor, Drive PX 2. It now becomes the platform recommended by the chipmaker to enable level 5 fully autonomous capability.

Porsche unveils development electric Cayman e-volution with 800-volt charging system


At the 30th Electric Vehicle Symposium in Stuttgart this week, Porsche is displaying a Cayman that they converted with an all-electric powertrain in order to test 800-volt ultra-fast charging system for the Mission E.

Cayman e-volution the company presents a research vehicle with a charging voltage of 800 volts that accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds and offers a range of 200 kilometers. The vehicle will not go into series production but does give an early indication of just how sporty Porsche believes e-mobility can be. It is also a hint of what is to come in 2019, when Porsche will bring its first purely electric sports car, the Mission E, into production. The Mission E will be capable of covering a range of over 500 kilometers, and will be able to charge its batteries to 80 percent within just 15 minutes."

Tesla (TSLA) stock rises as Morgan Stanley praises its EV infrastructure advantage


Tesla saw its stock (TSLA) rise this morning after falling back from new highs last month. The jump is attributed to Morgan Stanley raising its price target on the automaker's stock after analyzing its EV infrastructure, which the firm sees as an advantage over other electric vehicle makers.

In a new note issued to clients today, Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas increased his price target for Tesla from $317.00 to $379.00.

Tesla's stock currently trades at $348 per share.

Velodyne quadruples LiDAR production to meet self-driving demand


Velodyne, largely considered the current leader in LiDAR tech for autonomous vehicle development, announced today that it has increased its production capacity by more than 400 percent in order to meet growing global demand. This means it's now actually offering immediate availability for its LiDAR sensors, for the first time in a long time, for clients in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America.

This new capacity has come from a boosted production rate at Velodyne's gigantic 200,000 square foot Megafactory, and it has doubled its full-time employee count over the past six months as well to help spur production.

Deutsche Post DHL to deploy self-driving delivery trucks by 2018


At Nvidia's GTC Europe conference today, one of the company's partners detailed plans to bring an autonomous delivery fleet to operating status starting in 2018. Deutsche Post DHL Group wants to put trucks on the road in partnership with auto supplier ZF by that time frame, using electric light transport vehicles equipped with ZF's Nvidia-based ProAI self-driving system.

DPDHL will help make this happen staring now, by equipping its fleet of 3,400 electric delivery StreetScooter vehicles with ZF sensors, including video cameras, as well as LiDAR and radar. The data gathered by these vehicles will help inform ZF's ProAI self-driving system, teaching the AI to be able to navigate itself along the delivery routes handled by DPDHL once its autonomous trucks are ready to come to market.

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