Ford Wants to Make EV Ownership More Convenient for Employees

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【Summary】Ford, like many other automakers, is focusing on making electric vehicles, but before it releases it to the public, the American automaker will give its employees a chance to explore the tech first.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Dec 03, 2017 8:00 AM PT
Ford Wants to Make EV Ownership More Convenient for Employees

Ford, just like a lot of other automakers at the moment, are looking into ways to electrify the majority of vehicles in its lineup. While Ford's electric vehicles leave a lot to be desired when compared to other vehicles from its rivals, the American automaker is looking to step its electric-vehicle game up. As reported earlier this month, the automaker established a new group called Team Edison that has been tasked with ensuring the automaker is on the right path to become a leader in the electric-vehicle segment. 

More Chargers Before EVs

The decision to create a new arm to focus on electric vehicle technology proves how far automakers are willing to go to ensure they don't fall behind. But before the automaker goes all out and brings its electric-vehicle technology to the public, Ford is looking to give its employees the ability to try its tech, at least when it comes to chargers. 

According to a report by the Detroit Free Press, Ford plans to triple the number of chargers for electric vehicles at its facilities. The move would see the number of charging stations increase from 200 to 600 over the next two years. Ford would essentially be doubling the number of chargers at 50 of its facilities to get those kinds of figures. The company, as the Detroit Free Press points out, claims that approximately six out of 10 employees who bought or leased an electric vehicle stated that the available charging network influenced their purchase. 

Charging At Work Makes A Large Difference

As Steve Henderson, Ford's sustainability and vehicle environmental matters manager, said, there's an obvious connection between being able to charge one's vehicle at work and greater acceptance of EVs. While the majority of individuals charge their electric vehicles at home, being able to charge their car at work provides them with more peace of mind, as public charging stations aren't widely available. 

"Work is the second most likely place people charge their electric vehicles," said Henderson. "If we give people the ability to charge when they're at work, we can significantly up the potential for mass market adoption of electrified vehicle technology." 

In terms of Ford's electric future, the automaker plans to invest $4.5 billion into EV technology, reports the Detroit Free Press, and has plans to introduce 13 electric cars in the next five years. 

As The New York Times covered earlier this month, electric-vehicle owners no longer have to worry about range anxiety, but "charging time trauma" is now the biggest issue they face. With electric vehicles becoming more popular, owners will have to fight to get a spot to charge their cars. Ford's plan to get its charging infrastructure down pat first, even if it's just for its employees, is a good decision to ensure that future owners don't have to worry about finding a charger for their vehicles. 

via: Detroit Free Press 

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