Renesas to Provide the Chips for Toyota's Self-Driving Vehicles

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【Summary】Renesas Electronics Corporation, a supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, announced that its automotive technology will drive Toyota’s autonomous vehicles, which are currently under development and scheduled for commercial launch in 2020.

Original Eric Walz    Oct 31, 2017 4:14 PM PT
Renesas to Provide the Chips for Toyota's Self-Driving Vehicles

SANTA CLARA, Calif., — Renesas Electronics Corporation, a supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, announced today that its automotive technologies will drive Toyota's autonomous vehicles, which are currently under development and scheduled for commercial launch in 2020.

Renesas Electronics is the number one supplier of flash microcontrollers (MCU) world-wide and a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions including microcontrollers plus a broad range of power MOSFET (metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor) and analog IC (integrated circuit) devices.

Renesas' autonomous-driving vehicle solution for Toyota's autonomous vehicles combines the R-Car system-on-chip (SoC), which serves as an electronic brain for in-vehicle infotainment and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), and the RH850 microcontroller (MCU) for automotive controls. This hardware combination delivers a comprehensive semiconductor solution that powers peripheral vision, driving decisions, and vehicle body controls.

As a leading global supplier of automotive processors (MCUs and SoCs), Renesas offers advanced technologies for use in critical areas of autonomous driving, such as vehicle security technology to protect against cyberattacks and functional safety technology to predict system failures.

Production-ready autonomous driving vehicles will require these capabilities as well as the expertise to match these technologies to actual use cases. Renesas has been committed to providing the perfect balance between advanced technology and traditional automotive requirements, including performance and power consumption, optimal installation of electronic systems and considerations to the space available, while providing automotive-grade reliability, to protect against heat and environmental conditions.

Recognizing the depth of advanced automotive development technology and expertise that Renesas has demonstrated over the years, Toyota selected Renesas as the key semiconductor supplier for its Highway Teammate, an autonomous-driving prototype car designed to merge, pass, change lanes, and perform other actions during highway driving, under supervision.

Production vehicles are planned for sale by 2020. The R-Car SoC has been selected for Denso's engine control unit (ECU), which will be used for Toyota's upcoming autonomous-driving vehicles.

The R-Car SoC will function as the electronic brain for the autonomous-driving system, providing highly accurate intelligence on the vehicle's position within its environment and making real-time decisions on vehicle control and active safety maneuvers based on sensor data. The RH850 was also selected to control driving, steering, and braking functions based on the judgements made by the R-Car SoC. The combination provides an excellent balance between performance and power consumption, and serves as a comprehensive autonomous-driving solution with high reliability, which led to the adoption by Toyota and Denso.

"We are collaborating with Renesas to develop an ECU, the so-called electronic brain, for use in Toyota's autonomous-driving vehicle," said Hajime Kumabe, Executive Director at Denso Corporation. "We will maximize our sophisticated system design and software development capabilities by leveraging Renesas' high-performance semiconductor devices to realize a highly reliable ECU system for autonomous-driving vehicles."

"To achieve a society where mobility means safety, efficiency and freedom, Toyota is constantly seeking out the latest technology and selecting systems incorporating the very best devices and materials," said Ken Koibuchi, Executive General Manager at Toyota Motor Corporation. "We are partnering with Denso and Renesas, who bring superior technology and expertise to this project, with the aim to accelerate the development of autonomous-driving vehicles and encourage early adoption."

 "We are delighted that Toyota and Denso have selected Renesas' high-performance automotive semiconductor devices for use in the autonomous-driving vehicle they are developing for commercial release," said Ryuji Omura, Executive Vice President at Renesas Electronics Corporation. "Renesas introduced the Renesas autonomy Platform earlier this year as an open, innovative, and trusted platform for the autonomous driving era, to accelerate the development of self-driving vehicles for consumer adoption."

Renesas plans to contribute to making ADAS and autonomous-driving systems available for all types of vehicles, ranging from entry-level to high-end models.

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