Chevrolet Bolt Requires Almost No Maintenance

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【Summary】With the Chevy Bolt, you don't need to worry about routine upkeep - it doesn't need any.

Mia Bevacqua    Nov 05, 2017 12:25 PM PT
Chevrolet Bolt Requires Almost No Maintenance

Visiting the Quickie Lube every 3 months/3,000 miles is a real bummer. You wait, drinking stale coffee, while the mechanic shuffles around under your car. But not if you've got the Chevy Bolt. General Motors all-electric hatchback doesn't require oil changes.  In fact, it requires essentially no maintenance at all.

The Chevy Bolt – technologically advanced and hassle free 

The Chevy Bolt is GM's first attempt at a mainstream electric vehicle. The General's other EV, the Volt, doesn't count because it has a gasoline engine onboard (the company argues it's just a generator). 

An electric drive unit is all that's needed to power the Bolt. The unit is comprised of an electric motor, transmission gears and differential assembly. All of these components fit snuggly inside the transmission housing.  As for battery power, the Volt gets its juice from a 60-kWh lithium-ion pack. 


No lube service needed 

The Bolt is liberated from the engine, fuel system and other mechanical bits that require maintenance. There's no air filter, no spark plugs – none of that archaic internal combustion-related stuff. 

What the Bolt does have is tires. And they need to be rotated, just like any other vehicle. The Bolt also requires a coolant flush every 150,000 miles, since its electronics are liquid cooled. That's all the little EV needs.

Now, if you want to avoid inhaling dust particles, GM does recommend replacing the cabin filter every two years/22,500 miles. But that's for your well-being, not the Bolts. Plus, manufacturers only started stuffing cabin filters into vehicles about a decade ago. Before then, drivers got along just fine without cabin filters. You'll never hear anyone complain about the unfiltered air in their 1994 Honda Accord. 

Not only is the Bolt designed to be free of upkeep, it's built to last a long time. Electric motors far outperform their gasoline rivals when it comes to longevity. 

The Bolt isn't a perfect vehicle. Its range won't get you from Los Angeles to San Francisco and it looks like a hunched over minivan. But it will save you from having to visit Joe Schmoe the mechanic. And that's worth a lot. 

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