Tesla is now on Amazon

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【Summary】Tesla is now on Amazon: you can buy accessories and parts, but not the actual vehicles.

Elena    Oct 01, 2016 6:30 PM PT
Tesla is now on Amazon

Today, Amazon announced a new tool called ‘Amazon Vehicles‘, which it describes as "a car research destination and automotive community". It looks like the vehicles are actually listed for sales like you can see above, but you can really only "add them to your garage" and it will instead suggest compatible accessories and parts.

You can now add a Tesla Model X, a Tesla Model S, or even a Tesla Roadster to your garage and explore the suggestions.

The new feature also allows people to post reviews of the cars they own.  With already 9 reviews for the Model S and 1 review for the Model X, it could quickly prove a reference for people who want to read some quick reviews and rely on Amazon's popular star rating system.

The Tesla Model S currently has 4.9 stars and the Model X 5 stars.

Amazon says that more than 35 million customers have already saved their car(s) to the Amazon Garage.

At the moment, it just looks like a way to push accessories, but with the rise in popularity of new vehicle sales online, thanks in part to Tesla, it wouldn't be too surprising if this is only the first step of Amazon's plan to also sell vehicles online directly from OEMs.

resource from: electrek

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