LAPD's Untouched Fleet of Electric Vehicles Sitting Idly by Collecting Dust

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【Summary】The Los Angeles Police Department announced a deal back in 2016 that would see the police force obtain 100 examples of the BMW i3. Unfortunately, a new report claims that the LAPD have barely used the electric vehicles.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Feb 01, 2018 9:15 AM PT
LAPD's Untouched Fleet of Electric Vehicles Sitting Idly by Collecting Dust

BMW has gone all-in for its electrified future. At the Frankfurt Auto Show towards the end of 2017, the German automaker stated that it would add a total of 25 electric vehicles to its lineup by 2025. The large figure also includes 12 fully-electric vehicles. 

That's still off in the future, though. At the moment, the automaker is working on extending the range of its electrified vehicles, like the new BMW i8. All of this shows that BMW is looking to become one of the leaders in an electrified future. And the automaker's strides made it the prime choice to give the Los Angeles Police Department a total of 100 electric vehicles last year. 

LAPD Doesn't Use Its Fleet Of EVs

According to the Los Angeles Times, BMW won a contract to provide the police department with 100 i3 electric vehicles. The vehicle as the report claims would be used for community outreach and various police duties, which doesn't include any patrol tasks. With the addition of the EVs from BMW, the police department had a total of 200 electric cars at its disposal. 

While going green was a big thing for the LAPD, and the state of California, CBS Los Angeles now reports that the $10 million deal involving the 100 i3 EVs has seen the vehicles get sidelined. The outlet's own investigation claims that the majority of electric vehicles are sitting idly by with only a few hundred miles on the clock, while others are being misused. 

The outlet states that one of the major reasons the LAPD has not used the i3 EVs is because of the compact vehicles' range. The 2018 i3, which had some upgrades over the original model, has a range of 124 miles. The i3s that the LAPD have aren't capable of going that far on a single charge. 

100 EVs Going To Waste In A Green-Forward City

CBS Los Angeles managed to obtain mileage logs for the vehicles, which reveals that from April 2016 to August 2017, the majority of electric vehicles traveled just a few thousand of miles. The average driver travels approximately 12,000 miles a year, for reference. There were a few vehicles that have been siting since May 27, 2016 with just 400 miles on the odometer. 

The situation is an alarming one, as taxpayers are the ones that are paying for the vehicles. And if they're sitting doing nothing, it means the funds are going straight down the drain. The outlet states that the monthly lease payment of each vehicle is approximately $418. 

Not using vehicles is one thing, but abusing the machines is another. Some LAPD personnel were reportedly caught using the i3 electric vehicles for their own personal use — like grabbing lunch. 

While we commend the outlet's need to get to the truth, following police personnel as they take vehicles around is a little bizarre. But getting to the truth of the matter is important, as taxpayers have shelled out a lot of money for the police department to have the vehicles in its fleet. With the LAPD letting the i3 EVs sit around, it clearly shows that the police department just wanted to hype up its green program without having a serious plan to clean up the city. 

via: CBS Los Angeles

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