SONDORS Unveils Affordable, Three-wheeled EV for $10,000

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【Summary】A $100 refundable deposit (with a $3.30 non-refundable transaction fee) is required to secure a spot on the waiting list.

Michael Cheng    Feb 14, 2018 1:18 PM PT
SONDORS Unveils Affordable, Three-wheeled EV for $10,000

These days, EVs are being offered in various shapes, sizes – and wheel configurations. The latest attempt at offering something unique and affordable for EV enthusiasts comes from California-based e-bike startup Sondors.

Called the Model Sondors (no connections with Tesla), the company's prototype is a three-wheeled EV with premium features, including push-button start. The unit is powered by lithium-ion batteries and can accelerate from 0-60 mph in under seven seconds. Fast charging capabilities are possible using standard 110V or 240V outlets.

Electric Car or Bike?

At first glance, the Model Sondors looks like other EVs on the road. The unit seats two passengers in front and is equipped with traditional headlamps and side mirrors. The back of the EV, however, is where things start looking bare. For starters, there's only room for one passenger.

Standard vehicular features, such as air conditioning, airbags and power windows, are included with the EV. During the unveiling of the unit, the company mentioned it would consider adding autonomous driving support in the future.

The Model Sondors will be offered in three packages. The base model comes with a 75-mile range and a $10,000 price tag; while the E-car+ provides double the range (150 miles) at $13,000. For extended driving capabilities, the company is offering the E-car++ for $16,000, which can reach 200 miles per charge. 

"I want electric to be available to everyone," said Storm Sondors, Founder and CEO of the company, in a press release. "I believe affordable, clean transportation should be the norm, not the exception. You shouldn't have to choose between a car you can afford and a car that's electric. We can do better."

Individuals interested in the Model Sondors are in for a treat, as the company is currently accepting reservations for the unit. A $100 refundable deposit (with a $3.30 non-refundable transaction fee) is required to secure a spot on the waiting list. Deliveries for the Model Sondors are expected to start next year. So far, the unit will only be sold online.

Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns

Where others have failed, Sondors has succeeded. The company has a history of raising funds for its electrified projects, via unconventional mediums, such as crowdfunding on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. In 2015, the business amassed $8.5 million for its first electric bike, which it introduced to commercial markets with a $500 price tag.  

"As we move forward and work towards global expansion, I promise to do what I do best: move things along faster and more affordably than anyone else, and maintain the balance of affordability and luxury in SONDORS' products," cited Sondors.

To date, SONDORS is one of the largest e-bike makers in the US, according to Car and Driver. Impressively, the business has sold 30,000 units in the country and in over 40 countries worldwide.

In order to tap into the nascent electrified industry with a proper vehicle, the company launched a Regulation A+ equity crowdfunding offering, under SONDORS Inc., in 2017. This eventually paved the way for the three-wheeled EV prototype.

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