Sports Car Manufacturer Porsche Invests in Israeli Artificial Intelligence Startup Anagog

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【Summary】Porsche, an automaker that is well known for its high-performance sports cars, has entered its hat into the AI ring by investing in Israeli startup Anagog.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Apr 13, 2018 9:00 AM PT
Sports Car Manufacturer Porsche Invests in Israeli Artificial Intelligence Startup Anagog

Porsche has a track record of making high-performance sports cars, like the new 911 GT2 RS that's pictured above. The German automaker also has a history of having a winning track record when it comes to motorsport racing. But the automotive industry is changing and automakers, even small ones like Pagani that only make supercars, are moving towards electric vehicles. And that means Porsche will have to switch things up. 

Porsche has been pretty proactive when it comes to getting ahead in the electrified segment. At the Geneva Motor Show, the automaker took aim at Tesla and other electric automakers with the unveiling of the Mission E Cross Turismo. Porsche is also preparing for electric cars to account for roughly 25 percent of new vehicle sales by 2025. 

Porsche Expands For The Future

So Porsche's clearly been busy trying to get its act together in the world of EVs. But one area that Porsche hasn't really hit upon yet is the idea of mobility. Well, the brand changed that with a recent investment in Israeli artificial-intelligence startup Anagog. In a recent press release, Porsche shed some more light on the investment.

Anagog is a Tel Aviv-based startup that is relatively small with only 30 employees to its name. The company specializes in developing artificial intelligence with the specific aim of altering mobility. The company's software programs help other establishments to get a better understanding of customer behavior in specific situations. It also allows brands to anticipate what a customer may do in the situation, as well. This, as Porsche points out, leads to features that include options like intelligent parking. 

"We are delighted that our investment in Anagog allows us to continue developing our expertise and opportunities regarding artificial intelligence in the field of mobility," said Thilo Koslowski, Managing Director of Porsche Digital. "We are keen to work with new companies to continue developing new digital offerings and launch these solutions in the market quickly so that consumers can start benefitting from them." 

How Will Anagog Help Porsche?

If you're wondering what exactly Anagog, an artificial intelligence company, and Porsche, a high-end sports car manufacturer, will come up with together, you're not alone — it's a question we've been asking ourselves. Apparently, as Porsche points out, Anagog's tech is also utilized in roughly 100 different smartphone apps. It, as stated earlier, anticipates what a user may do next. 

The automaker, though, is quick to point out that users still have full control over their data. And in light of the Facebook scandal that's currently taking place, that's a good thing. While Porsche does flat out state what it could use Anagog's for, our best thought is to see how and why drivers use the mobility choices that they do. For instance, when is a person more likely to hail an Uber? Or are consumers more likely to use ride-sharing or ride-hailing companies after reaching a certain geographical location? 

Getting that kind of information would be beneficial for Porsche if it were to create a competitor  to Uber and Lyft. 

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