Tesla to soon release Spotify app integration in its vehicles in the US

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【Summary】Tesla to soon release Spotify app integration in its vehicles in the US.

Shelly    Sep 05, 2016 12:58 PM PT
Tesla to soon release Spotify app integration in its vehicles in the US

Earlier this summer, we reported on the first build of Tesla's upcoming v8.0 software update and while it featured a completely revamped media interface, it didn't have the new Spotify app integration customized for Tesla.

Subsequent builds didn't have the new feature either, but now it looks like Tesla is about to surprise us with a release in the US.

As you may know, the feature is already available in Tesla's European fleet since December 2015. Tesla had to expedite the integration in Europe because the service it was using, Rdio, folded and sold its assets to Pandora.

Instead of Rdio, Tesla uses Slacker in the US, but Spotify is one of the most requested services by Tesla owners – especially since they know that Tesla already has a partnership with the Swedish company.

Tesla never outright confirmed that it was bringing the service in the US and Tesla is not officially commenting on the situation, but sources told Electrek that the introduction is now imminent. Additionally, Spotify login information started appearing in Tesla's in-vehicle software source code in the US, but it's not yet made accessible to users.

Again, it's not clear if it will be released with the upcoming v8.0 of Tesla OS since the application wasn't in the external beta versions, but considering the service has already been in used in Europe for months, Tesla doesn't necessarily need extensive external testings.

  • The app includes features like:

  • Connect to other devices.

  • Switch between Spotify accounts.

  • Control playback with voice commands.

  • Listen to albums, artists, songs, and playlists from Your Music.

Get personalized music recommendations that are journey specific, and that become smarter over time.

Like in Europe, Tesla owners are expected to be able to create a Premium Spotify account, which enables an ad-free experience, for free from the vehicle. The premium account is only accessible in Tesla vehicles. You would still need a regular Spotify premium account for your other devices if you want to use the service.

Therefore, if you are already among Spotify's ~40 million Premium user, you might as well just use your account, but if you don't use the service, you should sign up for the Tesla-only Premium Spotify account.

resource from: electrek

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