ABB to Deploy Ultra Fast, Terra High Power EV Charger

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【Summary】The company is currently working on expanding its EV charging station footprint in various countries across the globe.

Michael Cheng    Jun 08, 2018 7:58 AM PT
ABB to Deploy Ultra Fast, Terra High Power EV Charger

In the race to commercialize EVs, businesses are coming up with numerous solutions to combat range anxiety associated with electrified cars. Several automakers intend to address such issues with rapid charging EV stations. An example of this is Tesla's line of Superchargers, which has set the standard for EV charging performance.

In a move to win over customers concerned about extended charging periods, ABB has been developing an ultra-fast EV charging hub. Called the Terra HP DC Charger, the station is capable of charging EVs up to three times faster than Tesla's Superchargers. Cars compatible with the charging technology that underpins the stations can add a whopping 120 miles in just eight minutes of charging.

Robust Charging Capacity

At the moment, the Terra HP chargers are slowly being deployed in various locations around the US, as most EVs on the market today cannot handle the charging rates required by the cutting-edge stations (up to 350 kW). By comparison, a Tesla Supercharger delivers power at a rate of 120 kW – almost half of what the Terra HP can offer.

With this information in mind, the technological gap between 120 kW and 350 kW is significantly large. It may take some time for ABB's EV charging stations to reach mainstream consumers.

When the stations arrive (more on this later), such hubs would be ideal for emergency charging, such as at resting points on highways or outer-city locations. At home, EV owners typically park their car in the garage for long periods of time – in many cases, overnight; which is suitable for normal charging standards and durations.

"By operating at powers of up to 350 kilowatts, the newest model from ABB, Terra High Power charger, adds up to 200 kilometers of range to an electric vehicle in just 8 minutes," said ABB in a statement.

Expanding Operations Worldwide

ABB plans to deploy the Terra HP chargers in pairs, so that two vehicles can power their batteries at the same time. The company is currently working on expanding its EV charging station footprint in various countries across the globe. In the US, the establishment is a supplier for Electrify America.

Electrify America is in the process of installing EV charging hubs in busy Walmart branches, located in 34 states. The project started last month and will end in 2019. Not all of the locations will be equipped with speedy Terra HP chargers. Hubs with 50 kW to 150 kW capacity are expected for Walmart branches in highly populated areas. Stores close to highways and remote areas will likely come equipped with the ultra-fast models.

Interestingly, Electrify America is a division of Volkswagen, which was established for building EV infrastructure. Programs include the creation of an EV network consisting of 500 charging stations.

"We are committed to supporting the expansion of electric vehicle charging systems across the globe to drive cleaner environments," said Frank Muehlon, head of ABB EV charging.

"Creating innovative state-of-the-art and energy efficient solutions which are scalable to expand and flex with our customers' needs is at the heart of ABB's philosophy."

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