Chinese EV Startup Singulato Reveals Details Behind iS6 SUV

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【Summary】The latest startup from China unveiled the new iS6 SUV that has a 16.4-inch head-up display and suicide doors.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    May 13, 2018 8:00 AM PT
Chinese EV Startup Singulato Reveals Details Behind iS6 SUV

China is leading the way forward for electric vehicles as the country looks to clean its air. With the strict rules and regulations that the country has in place, new automakers are popping up left and right to try to enter the segment. Last October, Singulato Motors, a startup out of China, unveiled the new iS6 all-electric SUV. Back then, the brand was staying quiet on the vehicle, but has since released all of the details behind the car. 

Technology And Styling Merge

Unveiled at the 2018 Beijing Motor Show, Singulato has taken the wraps off of the iS6. The brand, as Motor1 reports, is part of the Zhiche Auto umbrella that was founded in 2014. The larger company is based out of Beijing. The brand isn't looking to blend into the crowd of electric vehicles, but instead is looking to stand out with an interesting blueprint that shares design cues from minivans. 

On the outside, the iS6 looks similar to the concept that the company revealed last October, but we now get a look at the rear-opening suicide-doors that should provide easier access to the rear seats. Those aren't the only party trick the SUV has, though, as the vehicle also features pop-out door handles. The rear taillights are still uniquely styled and have a light bar that connects the two. The headlights are very Range Rover-esque. While the iS6 looks small in pictures, it measures in at roughly 16 feet long. 

Singulato iS6 2.jpg

Things are just as interesting on the inside. There's a large 15.6-inch touchscreen, in a similar vein to what Tesla has, that can swivel, allowing the screen to portray both portrait and landscape views. That's a nice touch and definitely sounds unique, but it's not the only screen that's on the inside. The instrument cluster is a 12.3-inch display and works in tandem with a 16.4-inch head-up display. 

A Useful, Powerful Powertrain

Powertrain wise, the iS6 comes with two electric motors that have a combined output of 349 hp and 428 lb-ft of torque. The company didn't state what kind of battery pack the SUV has, but claimed the iS6, when tested on the New European Driving Cycle (NDEC) was capable of getting up to 249 miles on a single charge. 

Clearly, the iS6 is geared towards tech lovers. It reportedly comes with Level 2 autonomous capability, with Level 3 slated to arrive later this year. The SUV should also be a hit with families, as it comes with enough seating for either five or seven passengers and has 12 USB ports. 

For the first vehicle from Singulato, the iS6 looks promising. It has the technology, good looks, and versatility that consumers are looking for, virtually hitting on everything drivers want at the moment. The brand won't be waiting around to see if the iS6 is a hit before coming out with a new model, as a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) is reportedly coming out in the near future. 

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