VW's Electrify America Reveals Nationwide Charging Station Map

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【Summary】Recently, Electrify America unveiled a map of its purposed 39-state EV charging network.

Mia Bevacqua    Jun 23, 2018 4:22 PM PT
VW's Electrify America Reveals Nationwide Charging Station Map

Drivers of gasoline-powered cars rarely think twice about where they're going to fill up. Electric car drivers – that's a different story. In many parts of the country, you could drive hundreds –  or even thousands of miles –  before finding a charging station. Electrify America intends to change that with a network of charging stations. Recently, the company unveiled a map depicting the system. 

The Electrify America map

Electrify America was created after the CARB and the EPA won a settlement against Volkswagen for its dirty diesels. The company's mission is to promote EVs through infrastructure and energy management. It plans to spend $2 billion over the next 10 years to reach this goal. 

The map Electrify America has laid out depicts 320 ultra-fast kW chargers in California. As for the rest of the nation, it gets 150 kW chargers at public stations, and 2,800 charging stations at workplaces and apartments. Overall, the network will cover 484 sites across 39 states. The company will partner with Walmart and Target to house some of its stations.

Unfortunately, the precise location of most of these chargers has yet to be determined. What can be deciphered from the map is that most of the chargers are positioned on the coasts – no surprise there. But the flyover states haven't been completely forgotten. According to the map, every state (except for the Dakotas) will get a charger.

Charging station design

Each station is designed to charge a variety of EVs quickly. Urban chargers will put out between 50 and 150 kW, with highway units cranking out up to 350 kW of power. Even though no car can currently handle a 350 kW charge, several automakers are working on it. 

Some say the Electrify America network will rival that of Tesla's Superchargers. Hopefully, the stations will ease range anxiety and get more EVs in driveways across America.

Sources: Electrify America 

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