AAA Nevada Launches Driverless Bus Wedding Competition

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【Summary】During the event, the self-driving bus will travel around various landmarks sprinkled around the city, such as Container Park, the Fremont Street Experience and Donut Bar.

Michael Cheng    Jun 17, 2018 9:00 AM PT
AAA Nevada Launches Driverless Bus Wedding Competition

Spur-of-the-moment weddings are big part of the Las Vegas experience. The location is known for facilitating last-minute marriage ceremonies via readily available officiators (some wearing flashy Elvis costumes) and drive-up chapels.

According to data from Venture Beat, the area hosts around 300 weddings on a daily basis.

For tech-savvy couples, Las Vegas now offers something unique and special. The latest wedding stunt to come out of the vacation hotspot involves an autonomous shuttle, provided by French startup Navya, and AAA Nevada – a non-profit automotive organization with over 58 million members based in the US and Canada.

Driverless Bus Weddings

The offering is part of a competition launched by AAA Nevada. To qualify, individuals are encouraged to submit a 400-word essay covering their interests in tying the knot while cruising around the city inside a massive, driverless bus. The competition is currently open to Nevada residents (21 or older). Event organizers will look through the submissions, which must be turned in by June 20.

The winners of the event will receive a free wedding inside a Navya shuttle, the same units that have been operating in the area since 2017. It is important to highlight that the couple will not be able to choose the date and time of the ceremony, as well as the route of the autonomous bus.

The wedding ceremony for the couple will be held in the morning on June 30. During the ritual, the self-driving bus will travel around various landmarks sprinkled around the city, such as Container Park, the Fremont Street Experience and Donut Bar.

"Giving a lucky Nevada couple the distinction of being the first to get married on a self-driving vehicle is more than a cool story for their family and friends," explained AAA Nevada spokesman Michael Blasky.

"It's also a way to help people think more broadly and practically about how the technology will improve their daily lives."

Navya Shuttles in Las Vegas

Navya's autonomous buses have been operating in Las Vegas for quite some time. The driverless shuttles are capable of seating up to eight passengers per trip. Its route extends roughly 0.6 miles, passing through several iconic destinations around the city. The units are fully electric and features large windows for passengers to view their surroundings.

So far, a whopping 23,000 individuals have used the autonomous shuttles. The buses are part of an ongoing trial with Keolis North America. By the end of the pilot program, the transportation providers hope to accommodate 250,000 passengers. With an average passenger rating of 4.9 (out of five) stars, local residents have integrated the shuttle's services with their daily routines.

Navya shuttles operate between Tuesday and Sunday, from 1:00 pm to 8:30 pm. A human operator is present on the bus to ensure safety and answer questions about the driverless service.

"Self-driving cars will change the way we travel the world, and like any good marriage it's going to take time, love and a lot of collaboration and trust to get this technology safely implemented into our transportation system," said Blasky.

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