Porsche Introduces Digital Charging Service Before Taycan Launch

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【Summary】With new electric vehicles on the horizon, Porsche has introduced an app that helps owners find a charger in their vicinity and pay for it all from one place.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Jun 17, 2018 3:00 PM PT
Porsche Introduces Digital Charging Service Before Taycan Launch

Like many other automakers, Porsche is planning for electrified vehicles to account for a large percent of its sales in the near future. According to a report earlier this April, the German automaker believes vehicles with some sort of electrification will account for 25 percent of its total automobile sales by 2025. 

Taking The Hassle Out Of Finding A Charger 

Hot on the heels of announcing that its first electric sedan will be called the Taycan, which was previously known as the Mission E, Porsche has announced a way to make it easier for owners to charge their electric vehicle. The German brand recently rolled out with the Porsche Charging Service app that will make finding and paying for a charger more convenient.

The app, according to Porsche, finds a suitable charging station and utilizes stored data to handle payment. Unlike other charging stations that require consumers to sign into different charging networks depending on the charger, Porsche's Charging Service App handles everything. "Different logins for the various operators are a thing of the past," says the automaker. 

Finding an appropriate charging station has become one of the more difficult aspects of owning an electric vehicle. Porsche is looking to make that process a little easier with the app. 

"In addition to fascinating vehicles, building a customer-friendly charging infrastructure is the key to achieving long-term success for electromobility," said Detlev von Platen, a member of the executive board for Porsche. "With the Porsche Charging Service, we are offering our customers a central digital platform that simplifies every aspect of the charging process. As a result, it is even easier to integrate charging into everyday life." 

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How It Works

The service is directly integrated into the car's navigation system and provides drivers with a clear view of where the closest charger is. Once drivers arrive at the charger, they can scan a QR code that appears in the app or use a card they receive upon signing up for the service. Since Porsche stores all of the payment information, there's no need to fumble with credit cards when trying to get some electricity. 

While the timing of the release of the service makes it seem like it's just for the upcoming Taycan, Porsche does have a few electrified vehicles in its lineup at the moment. Owners in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland, Belgium, and the Netherlands can sign up for the service and use it to charge their plug-in hybrid Panamera and Cayenne. Porsche has plans to add more countries to the list by the end of 2018. 

Porsche's new service sounds like it will be a large help for owners that have an electrified vehicle, but it's not free. The service costs roughly $2.95 a month in Germany. That's on top of the fees for electricity from the charger. 

The app was released at an interesting time for the German automaker as it is expanding its charging infrastructure to ensure that the new Taycan isn't held back from a lack of available chargers. Earlier this year, Porsche claimed that it would deploy roughly 500 chargers in North America as early as 2019. 

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