BYD Delivers 100 EVs to Bangkok, Thailand

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【Summary】With the successful delivery, BYD is currently one of the largest EV providers in Thailand. The company holds a 50 percent market share of fully electrified cars in the country.

Michael Cheng    Aug 22, 2018 10:24 AM PT
BYD Delivers 100 EVs to Bangkok, Thailand

Shenzhen-based EV manufacturer BYD is starting to expand its business internationally, through partnerships and contracts. As part of an agreement with a key distributor, the company delivered 100 fully electric E6 cars to Bangkok, Thailand.

The delivery is significant, as it solidifies BYD's commitment in meeting stringent EV delivery deadlines. The automaker is also due to fulfill a deal with Thailand-based Rizen Energy, a solar panel manufacturer, for a massive order amounting to 1,000 EVs. Confirmed though a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Rizen will use the EV fleet for VIP and commercial ride-hailing services.

EV Contracts and Deliveries

Interestingly, the electrified E6 can be found in Ecuador and Singapore, which are utilized in those countries for taxi services. In Bangkok, the units will be incorporated with private transportation services. BYD is also tasked with fulfilling an export agreement for a fleet of K9 electric buses that will be used in the country for trials.

"BYD is driving the transformation of electric mobility around the world," said, Liu Xueliang, BYD Asia-Pacific Automotive Sales Division General Manager.

Powered by lithium-ion phosphate batteries, BYD's E6 is an electrified crossover with roughly 220 miles of range per charge (takes two hours to complete). Each unit is equipped with a remote system for controlling the car from a manageable distance. With remote-control capabilities, owners of the vehicle could locate the car and turn on various in-car controls without being physically present inside.  

EV Adoption in Thailand

To date, the delivery of 100 EVs by BYD is considered to be the largest overseas EV order taken on by the company. Furthermore, Thailand's Department of Land Transport conducted a ceremony for the delivery, which is the first time the government agency hosted an event for such activities.

"Electric vehicles are being adopted around the world because they are cleaner and less noisy compared to combustion engine vehicles," said Sanit Promwong, Director of the Land Transport Department of Thailand, during an interview.

"Today's launch ceremony fulfills our commitment to reducing traffic-related pollution and is an important step for Thailand to move toward electric mobility. We ultimately want our people to have a better living environment."

With the successful delivery, BYD is currently one of the largest EV providers in Thailand. The company holds a 50 percent market share of fully electrified cars in the country. In addition to providing EVs, the establishment is engaged in several local EV-related programs.

Designed to boost EV adoption in the country, BYD is developing EV charging networks and contributing to EV technology standards. The automaker will also be participating in Thailand's Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), focusing on upgrading industrial structures.

The EEC encompasses the following regions: Beiliu, Chonburi and Rayong. The primary objective of the EEC is to setup digital infrastructure to connect all three provinces. So far, the locations are connected via a high-speed railway system.

Outside of Thailand, BYD's presence is growing rapidly. The Chinese automaker's products can be found in over 200 major cities and 50 countries worldwide.

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