Electrify America Kicks off Ad Campaign with Nationwide TV Commercial

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【Summary】Volkswagen’s Electrify America is devoted to the advancement of EVs and their infrastructure. This fall, the organization will launch an ad campaign, staring a humorous, yet inspirational, TV commercial.

Mia Bevacqua    Aug 26, 2018 7:45 PM PT
Electrify America Kicks off Ad Campaign with Nationwide TV Commercial

Fall is prime time for television. It's when the latest shows premiere and everyone ends up glued to the screen. And now, Electrify America will be getting in on the action with its new televised campaign to promote EV awareness. The organization will also broadcast on radio and launch a new website. 

Electrify America, a Volkswagen subsidiary, is committed to the advancement of all-electric vehicles and their infrastructure. Over a ten-year period, the Virginia-based group will invest $2 billion to promote EV consciousness. The intent is to inform Americans of the benefits of such vehicles and to gain support for a nationwide network of chargers. The ad campaign is one of the first steps towards meeting the goal. 

The organization's TV commercial, entitled "JetStones", pits an electric Chevy Bolt against a gas-powered Subaru. Music from the Flintstones' cartoon plays in the background for the archaic SUV. Meanwhile, the advanced Bolt gets a soundtrack from the Jetsons. According to Electrify America, "the campaign is a playful take on the transition of personal transportation from the Stone Age to the reality of electric vehicles available today."

Richard Steinberg, senior director, green cities, marketing and communications, Electrify America, continues, "Electric cars are not something of the future, they are here now and more accessible than many people know. The JetStones campaign is just the beginning of our work to educate and demonstrate that electric vehicles offer a full array of features that customers expect, and they are totally fun to drive."

At the end of the television commercial, EVs from six different makers drive off into the sunset, proving the ad is brand-neutral. 

The JetStones commercial and the rest of the campaign was developed in cooperation with design agency, Deutsch. It will run nationwide through June 2019. 

"This is the first expression of a new movement to break down myths about electric vehicles," says Guto Araki, EVP, executive creative director at Deutsch. "We tapped into iconic theme songs from the fan-favorites 'The Flintstones' and 'The Jetsons' as a way to connect the past to the present, and to send the message that the future is electric."

As they used to say – don't touch that dial. If you do, you might miss out on Electrify America's inspirational advertisement.  

Source: Electrify America 

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