Volvo Showcases Autonomous, All-electric 360c Driverless Concept Car

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【Summary】Without a steering wheel and dashboards, the Volvo 360c has plenty of room for a myriad of activities not typically associated with cars.

Michael Cheng    Sep 15, 2018 12:00 PM PT
Volvo Showcases Autonomous, All-electric 360c Driverless Concept Car

Volvo's vision for the future of transportation takes a refreshing approach to traveling on the road. The automaker recently unveiled the Volvo 360c – a unique concept car that is fully autonomous (no surprise here), all electric and modular.   

Read on to learn more about the Volvo 360c and the leading auto brand's plans to turn traditional cars into 'mobile rooms with wheels'.

Autonomous and Electric

Without a steering wheel and dashboards, the Volvo 360c has plenty of room for a myriad of activities not typically associated with cars. Equipped with a modular cabin, the vehicle can turn into a mobile office or meeting room – complete with a conference table and a digital panel for presentations. Furthermore, seating can be rearranged for face-to-face interactions when traveling with friends or family.

As an entertainment space and with support from a digital assistant, the 360c could also transform into a compact living room, via a small side table that slides out from the walls of the cabin and seats that turn into soft couches.

For tired passengers, a single fold-out bed is available inside the autonomous vehicle (more on this later). The unit incorporates large windows for natural lighting and gullwing-like doors that fold out when activated.

"Autonomous vehicle concepts have a tendency to become a technology showcase instead of a vision of how people use it," said Robin Page, Senior Vice President of Design at Volvo Cars.

"But Volvo is a human-centric brand. We focus on the daily lives of our customers and how we can make them better. The 360c is the next iteration of this approach."

Volvo didn't provide details about plans for production and the specs of the all-electric car. Like most concept cars released by the luxury car manufacturer, the 360c will likely serve as inspiration for designers of Volvo vehicles. Though it would be intriguing to see some of the 360c's features make it to future models of Volvo cars.

Taking on the Airline Industry?

According to Reuters, the Volvo 360c is designed to support the needs of customers residing in the city, as well as at the outskirts. Individuals traveling up to 186 miles could benefit from the vehicle, which would also target frequent consumers of short-haul airline flights and train stations. The automaker suggests trips from New York to Washington DC, Houston to Dallas and Los Angeles to San Diego, as ideal trips for the concept car.

Traveling long distances on the 360c won't exactly allow passengers to reach their destination faster. However, such method of traveling does come with several advantages. As mentioned previously, the concept vehicle is capable of turning into a spacious sleeping cabin. Without needing to go through everything that comes with passing through busy airports, the driverless unit offers maximum comfort and privacy.

"Domestic air travel sounds great when you buy your ticket, but it really isn't. The 360c represents what could be a whole new take on the industry," explained Mårten Levenstam, Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Volvo Cars.

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