Ferrari Aims for 60 Percent of Cars to Have Hybrid Powertrains by 2022

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【Summary】A hybrid crossover model is also in the cards and will be called the “Purosangue,” which the automaker claims will be unlike anything else on the market.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Oct 30, 2018 5:00 PM PT
Ferrari Aims for 60 Percent of Cars to Have Hybrid Powertrains by 2022

For years, Ferrari swore up and down that a SUV wasn't in the Italian marque's future. Once former CEO Sergio Marchionne, who suddenly passed away this July from complications related to a surgery, saw how popular SUVs were, he announced plans for a SUV. The projected vehicle was expected to hit the market by 2020. Well, Ferrari's new CEO, Louis Camilleri has new goals for the iconic automaker, and it includes a bunch of hybrids. 

Get Ready For Hybrid Supercars

According to Automotive News, roughly 60 percent of Ferrari's total production will have a hybrid powertrain by 2022. Between 2019 and 2022, the Italian brand will reveal 15 new models. And, as Motor1 claims, assisted driving is also in Ferrari's future, which it hopes will make it unique in the ultra-exotic high-performance segment. While the outlet didn't expand on what kind of assisted driving systems Ferrari would come out with, the report claims that artificial intelligence systems from the brand are all about adding an extra level of exclusivity and customization to its vehicles.

While a lot of vehicles in Ferrari's future will be supercars, the idea of a hybrid crossover caught our eye. The Purosangue, which is Italian for thoroughbred, is expected to be revealed by the end of 2022. The crossover will be available with two gas-powered engines and a hybrid powertrain that features either a V8 or a V12 engine. It will also be Ferrari's first vehicle with a five-door body style.

Upscale automakers have rapidly entered the SUV segment. Lamborghini has an entry with the Urus, Rolls-Royce with the Culling, and Bentley with the Bentayga. Lower down the pecking order, consumers can choose from the Maserati Levante and Jaguar F-Pace. While one would assume that Ferrari, being Ferrari, would create a SUV to take on the Urus, that doesn't sound like it will be the case. 

A Hybrid SUV That's Not A SUV Could Only Come From Ferrari

"I abhor hearing SUV in the same sentence as Ferrari," Camilleri told investors in Maranello, Italy. "As a die-hard Ferrarista, I was a little skeptical when the concept was first voiced at the board. Having now seen the wonderful design and the extraordinary features, I am a hugely enthusiastic supporter." 

Camilleri is making large changes at Ferrari, and all of this is being done to help the automaker have higher profit margins. When Camilleri took over from Marchionne, he called the former CEO's five-year profit goal "aspirational" and stated that it is "ambitious but doable," claims Bloomberg. A new SUV with a hybrid powertrain shows consumers and other automakers that Ferrari is capable of keeping up with the times, while continuing to come out with high-performance vehicles. Other high-performance brands like Aston Martin and Porsche have flirted with the same idea, too. 

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