Audi Introduces Subscription Service in Texas

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【Summary】Audi is testing a new subscription program in Texas that costs $1,395 and gives users access to five different models: A4, A5 Convertible, S5 Coupe, Q5, and Q7.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Nov 04, 2018 9:15 AM PT
Audi Introduces Subscription Service in Texas

Subscription services are the new range for automakers. The number of consumers that are looking for a traditional automobile ownership are dwindling and to keep them from moving to another company, automotive brands have come out with innovative, ways for people to get access to various vehicles exactly when they need them. 

Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo, Lincoln, and Lexus all have subscription plans for consumers to explore. And now, Audi is joining the race. It might be late to the party, but the German automaker is looking to shake things up with a different type of plan. 

Audi Joins The Subscription Party

Audi recently introduced a new subscription plan called Audi Select in the Dallas-Froth Worth area of Texas. Unlike other automotive subscription services, like Care by Volvo and Lexus Complete Lease, that lock you into one vehicle for a specified amount of time, Audi's new service gives you access to five of the brand's models. The vehicles have been set aside specifically for the program, too. Users also have the ability to change vehicles twice a month, which means you can get a seven-passenger SUV for a family trip or a convertible for a weekend cruise. 

The vehicles that users have access to include the A4, A5 Convertible, S5 Coupe, Q5, and Q7. The vehicles can be picked up and dropped off at a local dealership. Audi does offer home delivery under the program, but it's extra.

The cost for being able to get access to Audi's vehicles every month is $1,395 on a monthly basis. That includes getting a car everyday for a month, maintenance, insurance, unlimited mileage, and roadside assistance. The price also includes two days of rentals every month from Silvercar, an airport car rental service that is run by Audi. 

The five models aren't entry-level fleet vehicles, either, as the cars, according to Audi, are well equipped. The S5, for instance, is available in the range-topping Prestige trim, while the A4 can be had in either the Premium or Premium Plus trim. 

Expanding Beyond Texas 

Audi decided to go with the Dallas-Forth Worth area because of it's one of the strongest in terms of sales for the automaker. As of writing, only individuals in the area can register for the program. While the automaker didn't state when or where it would expand the Audi Select program, it did say that it has plans to grow beyond the Dallas-Forth Worth area in the future.

"There are future plans to expand Audi Select to additional markets," Silvercar CEO Luke Schneider said in a statement to Digital Trends. "While we don't have a date to share today, the learning we've been able to gather through our years of experience with other mobility offerings, like Audi on-demand and Silvercar, puts us in a position to scale quickly." 

Audi Select is more expensive than BMW or Mercedes-Benz's services, but unlike those, users do get access to more options. And modern consumers enjoy having more choices.

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