AutoMobility LA: the Car Show for Autonomous and Electric Vehicles

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【Summary】LA Auto Show offshoot, Automobility, is an event centered around autonomy, connectivity, electrification, and sharing. This year it promises presentations from industry leaders, such as Giovanni Palazzo, President and CEO of Electrify America. Advanced vehicles and innovative forums will be part of the event as well.

Original Mia Bevacqua    Oct 06, 2018 11:15 AM PT
AutoMobility LA: the Car Show for Autonomous and Electric Vehicles

The 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show is quickly approaching. And with it, comes a high-tech spinoff called Automobility LA. The cutting-edge event promises to showcase the latest in alternative fuel and autonomous vehicles, alongside presentations from industry leaders. Two of the headliners include Laura Schwab, America Regional President of Aston Martin and Giovanni Palazzo, President and CEO of Electrify America.

Anyone who lives in the Los Angeles area – or is willing to fly there – should check out Automobility. Schwab and Palazzo are just two of the innovators scheduled to make an appearance there. Many more are also onboard, such as Andre Haddad, CEO of Turo and Theodore Klaus, Honda VP of Strategic Research. 

Additional event highlights include a conference held by the Women in Automotive, a Marketing Automotive conference presented by MediaPost, and a Car Design Forum from Car Design News. Plus, there will be new cars unveiled from BMW, Nissan, Porsche, Volkswagen and Volvo, among others. Those vehicles will also be on display at the Los Angeles Auto Show the following week. 

"AutoMobility continues to evolve along with the industry and we are very pleased with the impressive list of auto-tech leaders, automakers, industry insiders and events that are taking place this year," said Terri Toennies, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the LA Auto Show and AutoMobility LA. "We're providing our attendees with a multitude of experiences and opportunities, where guests can see a little bit of everything. We are excited and look forward to seeing what all of our participants introduce at this year's show."

Automobility LA isn't brand-new. In 2013, LA Auto Show organizers created the Connect Car Expo in response to rapid changes in technology. As the specialized event gained traction, it merged with the LA Auto Show's Press & Trade Days to become what it is today. The first official AutoMobility event took place in 2016. 

The next-generation event focuses on four core themes: autonomy, connectivity, electrification, and sharing. Each topic is a key part of the automotive revolution currently taking place. Approximately 20,000 industry and media professionals attend the show every year. 

As for the LA Auto Show, it's been around a very, very long time. Since its founding in 1907, to be exact. The 2018 event promises celebrity appearances, along with test drives, virtual reality experiences and more. Many prototype and new release vehicles will be on display as well, such as the Volkswagen I.D. Buzz Cargo, the BYTON M-Byte and K-Byte, and the Genesis Essentia Concept. 

"The LA Auto Show has been a staple in Los Angeles for more than a century and we continue to pride ourselves on being an annual destination for so many people," said Lisa Kaz, President and CEO of the LA Auto Show and AutoMobility LA. "Being located in the largest car buying market, we are excited to provide guests with entertainment, fun activities and for those looking for their next vehicle, shoppers will have a hassle-free car shopping experience."

AutoMobility LA 2018 will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center November 26th – 29th . The LA, Auto Show happens November  30th – December  9th. 

Sources: Automobility and the LA Auto Show

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