Comparison: The Ultimate EV You Can Buy

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【Summary】In the following comparison, the top 5 most reliable electric vehicles will be compared, and we will find out which EV offers the lowest cost of ownership.

Original Manish Kharinta    Oct 06, 2018 2:30 PM PT
Comparison: The Ultimate EV You Can Buy

Automotive industry unanimously agrees that electric vehicles are incredibly reliable and in recent years the consumers have concurred to that statement. Several offerings have entered the segment with their distinguishing features. The wide range of options available in the market today presents a dilemma for a potential electric vehicle buyer. There are several offerings on sale today which cater to specific requirements exclusive to every individual. In the following comparison, the top 5 most reliable electric vehicles will be compared, and we will find out which EV offers the lowest cost of ownership.

Tesla Model S

Recent reports have revealed that based on consumer inputs, Tesla's flagship offering is one of the most reliable EV available in the market today. The reason it sits at the bottom of our list of top five electric vehicles is a factor which is the cost of ownership. Even though Tesla Model S is incredibly reliable with a price tag of $75,700 it is one of the most expensive EV one can buy today and may only appeal to buyers in the premium segment. Nevertheless, Model S owner gets a lot of car for their money.

Chevrolet Bolt

The latest incarnation of Chevrolet board which was introduced last year has managed to secure the top position in reliability survey reports. In this comparison, however, the EV with its golden bowtie badge and the price tag of $37,495 is blown out of the water by rest of the competition

Nissan Leaf

Priced at $30,885 Nissan Leaf takes the lead over its American rival. The same reports have revealed that Nissan Leaf which has been on sale since 2011 is one of the most reliable EV on sale today. The consumer responses also reveal that Leaf's mechanical components are very dependable but there have been concerns about its climate control system. In comparison to Chevrolet bolt price tag, the $8,000 price difference is incentive enough for consumers to opt for the Japanese EV and make peace with the relatively inferior climate control system.

Tesla Model 3

After incentives and gas-saving, the price tag of model 3 makes it one of the leading mass-market EV on sale today. The waiting list for a Model 3 has dropped down to 4 weeks and car buyers get state-of-the-art electric vehicle technology and a plethora of features and a very reasonable and competitive price tag of $36,000 (After California Incentive).

BMW i3

Not the most popular choice but the compact German electric vehicle tops this list because not only is it one of the most reliable offerings in the market today but also one of the most convenient for one to own. The factor that enhances the reliability of electric vehicles over their gas-powered alternatives is the lack of mechanical components such as timing belt, spark plugs, oil and air filters amongst others. When it was introduced consumers were concerned about the fact that it gets a range extender which uses a small gas-powered engine to charge the batteries on the go.

The range extender will allow drivers to go on long-distance trips but using the electric engine as a power generator, extending the driving range of the car. The small size of the fuel tank would mean that if the batteries run out of juice, the driver would have to make multiple refueling stops during a long-distance drive (possible, but not recommended). In an emergency, this is far more convenient than the long charging intervals of traditional electric vehicles.

As BMW i3 has been on sale for a while, consumer reports have revealed that keeping in tradition with its world-renowned quality standards, the petrol engine is a very reliable unit and easy to service.

The long tenure of BMW i3 also means that it is quite possible to find a good deal in the used car market unlike its immediate competitor in this comparison, the Tesla Model 3 which happens to be the company's latest offering.

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