Bird Announces Upgraded E-Scooter and New Delivery Services

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【Summary】Urban areas everywhere are being infiltrated by Bird rent-able electric scooters. To keep up with demand, the company developed a second-generation vehicle, along with a door-to-door delivery service

Original Mia Bevacqua    Oct 09, 2018 11:30 AM PT
Bird Announces Upgraded E-Scooter and New Delivery Services

Rent-able electric scooter company, Bird, just made two significant announcements: a brand-new  model, called the Bird Zero, and an upcoming Bird Delivery service.

The Bird Zero is designed to be more rugged and longer lasting than the original e-scooter. To start, it offers 60% more battery life for an extended range. Also onboard, are solid-core tires and a longer chassis for increased stability and durability.

Riders will also appreciate the new digital display, which showcases the scooter's speed (up to 15 mph), along with the battery level. The GPS is improved as well.

The Bird Zero was designed and engineered by Bird and manufactured in collaboration with Okai. To start, the new-scooters will be tested in Atlanta, Baltimore, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Nashville, and Austin.

"Bird was started as an experiment to test whether people would give up short car trips for environmentally-friendly rides on shared e-scooters," said Travis VanderZanden, Bird founder and CEO. "One year in, we have learned that we are solving a significant challenge for riders and cities who want to get cars off the road and carbon out of the air. Our new ruggedized e-scooter fleet delivers riders a more reliable and longer-lasting ride," said Travis VanderZanden, CEO and founder of Bird. 

In addition, there's the upcoming Bird Delivery. Currently, riders have to locate an e-scooter near them via an app. But that will soon change with the forthcoming doorstep drop-off service. VanderZanden hopes the arrangement will help individuals who want to make Bird a part of their daily commute.

"Bird was created to provide an equitable, convenient and reliable alternative to short car trips. Since launching, we are continually inspired by riders who opt for Bird rides over traveling by car, and share in the pain of riders when they express frustration about not having consistent and reliable access to Bird," said Travis VanderZanden, Bird founder and CEO. "With Bird Delivery, we are aiming to address this pain point by guaranteeing they have access to a Bird when and where they need it and throughout the day."

With Bird Delivery, users will have all-day access to a scooter. The unit is dropped off at their home as early as 8am. According to the company's press release, "Pricing, availability and the selection of cities to pilot Bird Delivery will be announced shortly."

Overall, Bird's vision is quite extraordinary. Whereas bicycles and other personal transportation services require a docking device, the company's e-scooters do not. When a user is ready to ride, a device can be easily located using an app. Afterward, instead of being returned to a set location, the scooter can be left anywhere, at any time. A company truck or delivery van will eventually track it down and pick it up

Of course, e-scooters only make sense in fair-weather conditions – no one should be riding their Bird through the snow and ice. But it's a great eco-friendly alternative when weather permits.

Just last month, Bird announced it reached over 10 million rides. So clearly, people in urban areas dig the easily accessible, e-scooter idea. 

Sources: Bird, Deseret News

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