Porsche Sheds Some Light on Upcoming Taycan Production

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【Summary】Automated guided vehicles and a new manufacturing process will help Porsche bring its first all-electric vehicle to the road.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Oct 20, 2018 10:00 AM PT
Porsche Sheds Some Light on Upcoming Taycan Production

Porsche hasn't been very quiet about its first all-electric vehicle: the Taycan. We know the fully-electric sedan will be able to charge on an ultra-fast supercharging system that's roughly two times faster than Tesla's current setup and that the German automaker rolled out with a new digital charging service to allow new Taycan owners to find the closest charger. We really do know a lot about the Taycan.

With the launch of the fully-electric vehicle right around the corner, Porsche has revealed some more information about the Tacyan. But this time, the news is all about how and where it will build the vehicle.  

Taycan To Be Built Alongside Sports Cars

Instead of creating an all-new factory for the upcoming EV, Porsche has decided to modify its current plant in Zuffenhausen to accommodate for the production of the Tacyan. The plant is already in charge of production for the Porsche 911, 718 Cayman, and 718 Boxster. For the Taycan, Porsche will carve out a special part of the factory that's just for the electric car. Porsche's calling it a "factory within a factory" and claims that it will utilize a "flexi-line production." This whole concept won't be cheap, as making the whole thing possible will cost Porsche $6.87 billion. 

Besides being really expensive, the Zuffenhausen plant will also become more high tech thanks to new Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) that will shuffle components around the floor of the factory. This will give Porsche the ability to be more modular, which should come in hand with the introduction of new EVs down the line. The AGVs will also allow Porsche to get around without the use of traditional conveyor belts. It's also an important component, as Porsche won't be stopping production of the other models at the plant while the Taycan is being made. 

"We predict that over 50 percent of Porsche models delivered from 2025 will be electrified," said Lutz Mesche, Deputy Chairman of Porsche's Executive Board. "In addition to efficient processes, the revenue from digital products and services should also increasingly contribute to our economic success."

Eco-Friendly In More Than One Way

While the Taycan will be an efficient vehicle, Porsche stated that production for the EV will also be environmentally friendly and carbon neutral. As Digital Trend points out, Audi reportedly came to a similar decision with its e-tron electric SUV. Since electric vehicles don't produce any emissions, the dirty aspect of the vehicles come from actual production of the cars. 

Overall, 1,200 new employees will be added to Porsche's factory. Apparently, Porsche will take approximately 300 to 400 employees that are currently working on the 911 to switch gears and help out with production for the Taycan. Needless to say, all of the employees will receive the necessary training. 

CNET claims that Porsche plans to build 20,000 to 25,000 units of the Taycan per year. That figure is over two shifts. If the automaker gets more demand, there's plenty of opportunity to expand on that number. 

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