Jaguar Mulling Over Possibility of Going EV Only by 2025

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【Summary】Not only is the decision about taking on Tesla, but Jaguar is also looking to shake things up as demand for sedans continues to fall.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Oct 21, 2018 2:45 PM PT
Jaguar Mulling Over Possibility of Going EV Only by 2025

As we found out in our first drive with the 2019 Jaguar I-Pace, the first all-electric SUV from Jaguar is a stunner. It sounds like I-Pace was only the start of an electric revolution for Jaguar, as a new report from Autocar claims that the British brand is considering a complete switch to an electric-only lineup. Apparently, the plan spans a total of 10 years.

Say Goodbye To Sedans And Gas-Powered Cars

The full-size XJ sedan could be the first option in the family to be replaced with a battery-powered model. With the right powertrain configuration, the sedan could be a competitor to the highly-successful Tesla Model S and the upcoming Porsche Taycan. The Model S, though, has been on sale for a number of years, while the Taycan is reportedly right around the corner. The goal for Jaguar with the electric XJ is to beat Mercedes-Benz and BMW. 

A few years later, the report states at approximately 2023, Jaguar could introduce an electric crossover that shares similar dimensions to the Audi E-tron to replace the XF and XE sedans. Two years later, in 2025, an all-new variant of the I-Pace could arrive, signaling the end of the line for the E-Pace and F-Pace. Autocar claims that only the Jaguar J-Pace luxury crossover would survive until 2027, essentially giving Jaguar a nearly-electric lineup by 2026. 

In more distressing news, the outlet states that the F-Type, which is Jaguar's two-door sports car, doesn't have a replacement in sight. An electric sports car, though, "is also a possibility," which is probably the best news of all. 

What Sparked The Plan?

The revolutionary plan is really a knee-jerk reaction from Jaguar in light of everything that's happening. Diesels are continuing to struggle around the world and major European cities are even looking to ban non-EVs. The rise of Chinese competitors is also worrying. Seeing as how Jaguar has four sedans and three crossovers on sale, switching to a crossover-heavy lineup that doesn't use internal combustion engines could help raise profits for the brand. 

Since Jaguar is a part of Jaguar Land Rover, going electric could help the automaker with the brand's overall fuel economy, helping Land Rover with the strain of developing more fuel-efficient options to meet ever tightening regulations. As Autocar points out, if Jaguar makes the move to only sell electric vehicles, Land Rover's vehicles would essentially be saved from going fully electric and benefit from 48-volt hybrid systems. 

Times are changing, and even a historic brand like Jaguar has to make some adjustments if it wants to survive in an electrified future. 

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