Axletech Partners With Thor Trucks to Develop Heavy-duty Powertrain System

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【Summary】Axletech and Thor Trucks have partnered up to develop a heavy-duty electric powertrain system.

Manish Kharinta    Nov 01, 2018 11:00 AM PT
Axletech Partners With Thor Trucks to Develop Heavy-duty Powertrain System

Axletech is one of the frontrunners in the specialty powertrain solutions segment. The company recently announced that it is in the process of developing a heavy-duty electric powertrain system. This project is being carried out in collaboration with Thor Trucks which is a fleet focused transportation lab building fully electric commercial truck company. 

This joint venture will aim to incorporate Axletech's e-axle technology with Thor Truck's proprietary battery technology to create an all-electric commercial vehicle powertrain.

This is not the first partnership Axletech has entered into. The company has also partnered with several other industry leaders and has gained substantial experience in developing customized fully integrated electric powertrain systems. The company provides solutions for on-highway electric vehicles which includes Class 6, 7 and 8 trucks and other transit applications

Thor Trucks is a California-based company which builds and offers a package that includes battery packs design for medium-duty commercial applications. Thor Trucks also announced recently that it is going to partner with UPS to develop and build two fully electric delivery trucks which will be used as test vehicles and will be operated in the Greater Los Angeles area.

The CEO of Axletech, Bill Gryzenia elaborated that the electric powertrain technology for on-highway use is constantly advancing and Axletech has managed to keep up with these advancements in the segment. He added that the market for these powertrains is very acute, which is the reason why the company has decided to partner up with Thor Trucks. 

The company believes that this partnership will be able to develop highly advanced integrated components which will be used for driveline electrification.

Gryzenia disclosed that the teams associated with this project are taking a very serious approach in developing the next generation of electric commercial vehicle powertrain systems and is constantly identifying challenges associated with such a project.

Earlier this year, Axletech also unveiled the next-generation of its electric independent suspension concept. This suspension concept will be used for high Mobility applications. The company's 5000 Series eISAS™ concept has been designed to improve stealth characteristics, offer low heat signatures, enhance performance and improved fuel savings to logistics vehicles, armored personnel carriers, and even tactical vehicles. 

Axletech also plans on launching it's latest e-powertrain offering by the year 2019 which will also face competition from offerings by Tesla and Daimler.

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