Volkswagen Details Plans of Becoming World's Largest EV Manufacturer

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【Summary】Volkswagen made an announcement which seems like an admirable effort to recover from the fallout of the Dieselgate scandal

Manish Kharinta    Nov 10, 2018 6:00 AM PT
Volkswagen Details Plans of Becoming World's Largest EV Manufacturer

As the global automotive industry moves towards electrification, Volkswagen's dieselgate scandal continues to be a thorn in the company's side. the automaker has been struggling to recoup its lost goodwill. 

Recently, Volkswagen made an announcement which seems like an admirable effort to recover from the fallout of this scandal. The company announced that it plans on selling at least 150,000 plugin electric vehicles annually by 2020.

The German automaker wants to once again become the builder of  "the people's car", even with its electrification plans. The company plans to build several hundred thousands of rear-wheel-drive, EVs at some point. This is a daunting undertaking, as there are no electric car manufacturers, including Tesla, that has managed to sell 150,000 vehicles annually. Although, it is speculated that Tesla might achieve this number by the end of this year.

Even though producing 150,000 electric vehicles per year is a serious challenge for any electric car manufacturer, if we compare this number to the total number of vehicles Volkswagen produces annually, then this proposal seems rather unimpressive. 

Volkswagen produces around 10 to 11 million cars and commercial vehicles each year. Even with annual production of 150,000 electric models, this number represents just 1.5 percent of the German automaker's overall production.

Volkswagen has also confirmed that this is just the first step of its electrification plans. The company is converting its manufacturing facility in Zwickau to make it capable of producing only electric cars. As of today, this facility in Eastern Germany produces 330,000 vehicles every year. The total cost of this conversions stands around 1 billion euros. 

The company will also build more electric vehicles in its Showplace Saschen plant nearby Dresden. Volkswagen has revealed that it plans on building five fully functional electric car plants in China and one in the United States within the next ten years.

Volkswagen's electric E-Golf

Volkswagen aims at selling 1 million electric vehicles by the year 2025. To accomplish this, the company plans on adding 50 battery-only vehicles and 30 plug-in hybrid vehicles to its portfolio. Following this, the company has confirmed that by the year 2030 every model of every VW subsidiary will have at least one electric variant. 

To make this happen Volkswagen has earmarked 34 billion euros for investments in these electric car ventures. To have a widespread EV charging infrastructure across the globe, Volkswagen will be entering into partnerships with companies like Ionity to built out its EV charging network.

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