Electric Loading Says it Can Charge a Porsche EV in Just 4 Minutes

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【Summary】Electric Loading revealed its ‘Hyperload’ DC ultra-fast charging stations

Manish Kharinta    Nov 25, 2018 11:05 AM PT
 Electric Loading Says it Can Charge a Porsche EV in Just 4 Minutes

To tackle the charging hurdle which makes ownership of electric vehicles inconvenient for some drivers, several startups and automakers are working to develop ultra-fast charging networks. One French company called Electric Loading wants to be a part of this electric revolution. 

Electric Loading recently inaugurated its new headquarters in the south of Paris, Lieusaint. The company used this occasion to reveal its ‘Hyperload' DC ultra-fast charging stations. 

The company says it will open its DC fast-charging network to all vehicle types. For owners of eletric Prosches, Electric Loading claims its network will offer an ultra-fast charging time of just four minutes. However, the automotive industry seems to be skeptical of this claim.

For the four minute charging times, Electric Loading is referring to the upcoming Porsche Mission E family, which will be introduced soon by the luxury carmaker, including the upcoming Taycan electric sedan. An early report disclosed that Porsche is working on developing an ultra-fast charging network which will be twice as fast as the existing Tesla Superchargers

Porsche has not offically confirmed whether it's Mission E family will be compatible with this ultra-fast Hyperload charging network. However, Porsche did confirm that its ultra-fast charging system will be capable of charging it's Mission E product line battery pack up to 80 percent in about 15 minutes. 

The charging claim made by Electric Loading is 3 times faster than the charging capabilities of Porsche's own fast-charging network.

The figures disclosed by German automaker were based on charging times while using a 350 kW charging station. The ultra-fast charging network used by Electric Loading is comprised of ‘HyperLoad' equipment, which works at 360 kW. 

It is this marginal difference between the two charging networks that led to skepticism over Electric Loading's claim. 

The industry fears that these substantially optimistic charging speed figures might generate dissatisfaction among electric vehicle buyers. In a recent interview commenting on 350 kW ultra-fast chargers, Tesla CEO Elon Musk expressed his concerns that higher EV charging speeds run the risk of causing damage to an electric vehicle's batteries.

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