A Ford Mustang Inspired EV Will be Lincoln's First Electric Car

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【Summary】Lincoln is planning to introduce a luxurious electric model derived from Ford's 2020 Mustang inspired EV.

Manish Kharinta    Jan 19, 2019 8:00 AM PT
A Ford Mustang Inspired EV Will be Lincoln's First Electric Car
The 2019 Lincoln Nautilus

It's common knowledge that American automaker Ford has been eyeing an expansion in the electric vehicle segment for quite some time to compete with more established contenders in the space. Recently we reported that Cadillac, which is the luxury subsidiary of General Motors, is also working on developing a premium electric vehicle to rival the likes of Tesla.

Now it seems that fellow automaker Ford is following suit. A recent report reveals that Ford's luxury division Lincoln is planning to introduce its own all-electric model. Lincoln's offering will share its foundation with the 2020 Mustang inspired EV.

During a conference in Detroit, Ford's North America president Kumar Galhotra confirmed that Lincoln will produce battery-only EVs, which will remain true to the brand's "quiet luxury" theme. While discussing details about the upcoming 2020 Mustang inspired EV, Ford's President of Global Markets, Jim Farley compare the car's aggressive design to that of a rocket ship.


A teaser photo from Ford of the Mustang inspired electric vehicle

Galhotra added that a new electric vehicle platform, which is currently under development, will be adopted by both Ford and Lincoln and allow the company to build aesthetically diverse and appealing vehicles. The platform will also allow Ford and Lincoln to produce these cars in different ways. 

Thanks to the BEV technology, the Lincoln has the freedom to design its upcoming luxury electric vehicles in any way it desires. Galhotra also confirmed that the company is dedicated to building elegant Lincoln EVs.

Galhotra refrained from disclosing a timeline of when these battery-powered Lincoln EVs will hit the market. However, he did ensure that the upcoming vehicles will get user-friendly controls and a quiet interior. 

Galhotra explained that the Lincoln's primary focus is to build cars which embody the essence of brand and exude understated quiet luxury. He said that it's not a point of being aggressive with the aesthetics, but thanks to the design flexibility offered by the platform, the company wants to use these different pieces of technology at its disposal to stay true to Lincoln's luxury heritage.

Ford announced that it will be investing $11 billion in the electrified vehicle segment through the year 2020. This will include battery-only EVs, hybrids and plug-in hybrids. 

During the recent Wolfe Research Global Auto Industry Conference, Ford product boss Hau Thai-tang said that the company's electric offerings will be contribution margin positive.

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