Honda Reveals the First look at the Interior of its Urban EV Prototype

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【Summary】Honda has released official images showcasing the interiors of its urban EV prototype

Manish Kharinta    Mar 26, 2019 1:00 PM PT
Honda Reveals the First look at the Interior of its Urban EV Prototype

Honda has confirmed that it aims to carry out its electrification plans on a large scale. The automaker announced that by 2025, around two-thirds of its European sales will include electrified technology. Honda has released official images showcasing the interior of its urban EV prototype. 

The concept electric vehicle will be showcased at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. So far, the vehicle received several accolades, including being selected for the renowned 2018 Car Design Awards. 

Honda added that the Urban EV will be its first ever mass-produced fully-electric vehicle sold in Europe.


The overall design approach for the Urban EV prototype is very simplistic and the automaker took the same approach in designing and developing the electric car. One key area the research and development team focused on was significantly reducing the number of moving parts in the concept car. 

The lack of mechanical components and moving parts is a key factor which makes electric vehicles more reliable. Honda's designers determined that decreasing the number of moving parts would help to improve the reliability and enhance the energy efficiency of the EV.

Honda also claims that the cabin is very well insulated and virtually soundless. The Urban EV concept also features the "Honda Power Manager", which was first showcased in Frankfurt. 

This system allows the vehicle to store and release energy harnessed from renewable sources as required. The extra energy can then be utilized by the driver at their discretion or can be sold back to the grid.

The Urban EV prototype is proposed to be a cost-effective concept. The charging intervals for an EV depends on the size of the vehicle and its battery pack. The compact dimensions and technology offered in Honda's prototype is supposed to make it comparatively more efficient than other EVs in the segment.

In terms of aesthetics, Honda tried to make the urban EV look sporty as well as futuristic. The small EV sits very low to the ground and has wide proportions, which include flared wheel arches. Honda claims that the front windscreen has been designed to give drivers a wider view. 

Honda seems to be targeting the UK and other European countries to support the Urban EV prototype, but users from across the globe can register on Honda's official website for updates.

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