Harley Davidson, IBM & Panasonic Create Cloud-Based Riding Experience

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【Summary】Harley Davidson, will team up with IBM and Panasonic to create the cloud-based H-D Connect service, available on the all-new LiveWire electric Motorcycle.

Mia Bevacqua    Mar 25, 2019 4:00 PM PT
Harley Davidson, IBM & Panasonic Create Cloud-Based Riding Experience

A few years ago, the pairing of Harley Davidson and IBM would have been inconceivable – but now, it's a reality. The all-new LiveWire electric motorcycle will offer H-D Connect: a technology that allows riders to remotely link their smartphone to their bike. Data for the H-D Connect system will be stored via the IBM Cloud. Meanwhile, Panasonic's OneConnect will provide a link to the motorcycle through a cellular connection to the telematics control unit.

LiveWire Motorcycle

For those who haven't heard, the LiveWire is HD's first-ever electric motorcycle. The bike, which is available in vivid colors such as Orange Fuse, is both eye-catching and innovative. Power comes from a 100% electric drivetrain with an estimated 110-mile range. A Level 1 charger and power chord are onboard; riders can also get a fast charge from a Level 3 DC Fast Charge Station.

IBM Cloud

Among other offerings, IBM Cloud provides virtual computing power and storage over the internet. H-D Connect relies on the service to store LiveWire's power, security and service data.

"LiveWire is a fully cellular-connected electric motorcycle, and we needed a partner that could deliver mobility solutions that would meet riders' changing expectations, as well as enhance security," said Marc McAllister, Harley-Davidson VP Product Planning and Portfolio. "With IBM we have struck the balance between using data to create both intelligent and personal experiences, while maintaining privacy and security."

"The next generation of Harley-Davidson riders will demand a more engaged and personalized customer experience," said Venkatesh Iyer, Vice President, North America IoT and Connected Solutions, Global Business Services, IBM. "Introducing enhanced capabilities via the IBM Cloud will not only enable new services immediately, but will also provide a roadmap for the journey ahead."

Panasonic OneConnect

Together, the Panasonic OneConnect service and Harley-Davidson App will link LiveWire riders to their motorcycle through their smart device.

"Our technology will help provide a new level of convenience and peace of mind to motorcycle riders," said David Taylor, executive director product strategy and business development, Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America. "From battery charge status to vehicle tracking, riders will have a better understanding of their vehicle and can focus on enjoying the ride."

H-D Connect: a collaborative effort

The H-D Connect system will keep riders connected to their bike by offering  remote access to power, security and service information.  For example, LiveWire's vitals – including range, battery health and charge level – can be checked remotely using a smart device. Information regarding charging station sites and the motorcycle's location can also be viewed via the cloud-supported H-D app.

Furthermore, an alert will be sent to the owner's phone if the bike is tampered with in any way. GPS-enable stolen-vehicle assistance will also be available in select markets. And of course, owner's will get service and care reminders, as well as information regarding safety campaigns and recall notifications.

The Harley Davidson Livewire with H-D Connect is slated for release in select markets August 2019.

Sources: Harley Davidson, IBM, Panasonic

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