Ford Confirms a Performance Version of the New Mustang-inspired Electric SUV

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【Summary】Ford plans on adding a high-performance variant to its Mustang-inspired electric crossover SUV lineup along with other nameplates

Manish Kharinta    Apr 21, 2019 11:00 AM PT
Ford Confirms a Performance Version of the New Mustang-inspired Electric SUV

Even after making some of the most iconic sedans of all time, the Ford Motor Company has decided not to manufacture this body-type anymore. Over the last few months, the automaker ensured its customer base that it will not disappoint U.S. buyers looking to buy a Ford sedan.

Earlier this week, Ford's vice president of enterprise product line management, Jim Baumbick shed some light on the company's future plans. Baumbick said that by 2022, Ford will add an affordable nameplate under which the company will offer a range of cars to replace the current Fiesta, Fusion, Taurus and Focus sedan models. Baumbick refrained from offering any additional information on the kind of body type the new cars will feature.


The Ford Fusion sedan is being discontinued.

During the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2019 Auto Summit in New York, Baumbick's presentation showed that Ford plans to add a high-performance version of the new Mustang inspired electric crossover SUV lineup. The company will introduce the electric SUV sometime next year. 

The electric car will be based on a dedicated platform, which is almost the same size as the current generation Mustang. The company also confirmed that the top-of-the-line variant of the upcoming electric SUV will get a driving range of around 370 miles.

Baumbick also said that the company is able to develop new vehicles faster, thanks to 5 all-new flexible vehicle architectures the automaker is using. He also said that earlier it would have taken the company years to come up with an all-new product, but with the new vehicle architectures, Ford managed to come up with a new concept in just 12 weeks.

Ford also teased it's pipeline projects earlier, which include the new Bronco, slated to go on sale later this year. The company also said that it is working on a "baby Bronco", which will hit the market in mid-2020. 

Baumbick also mentioned that a unibody compact pickup truck is under development and will probably be introduced in 2022. Speculations suggest that the upcoming pickup truck might be part of Ford's new affordable nameplate.

In August last year, Ford's product chief, Hai Thai Tang announced that the brand will grow to 23 new models by 2023. The company plans to discontinue six existing nameplates and will add nine new ones, including seven new pickups and SUVs.

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