Cadillac Boosts Super Cruise System With 70,000 Extra Miles

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【Summary】Before General Motors plans to expand its semi-autonomous Super Cruise system to other vehicles, the automaker expands the system’s reach by adding 70,000 extra miles.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Jul 16, 2019 11:00 AM PT
Cadillac Boosts Super Cruise System With 70,000 Extra Miles

Super Cruise is currently General Motor's answer to the modern crop of semi-autonomous technology. In the Cadillac CT6, which is the only vehicle in GM's extensive lineup that has the system, it's one of the best driver assist technology features on the market, allowing for true hands-free driving on the highway. The one issue with Super Cruise is that it's only available on certain highways that GM has mapped. Well, GM has added some more miles to Super Cruise's repertoire. A whole lot of miles.

More Miles For More Usability

Cadillac announced that it has added 70,000 additional miles to Super Cruise's system that will be available by Q4 of 2019. The new stretches of road include highways in both the United States and in Canada. The large addition to Super Cruise's system is a step toward having a total of 200,000 available miles by the end of 2019. The extra miles will be delivered to owners via an over-the-air update throught the summer and fall. 

Since the CT6's launch, Super Cruise has had 130,000 miles of mapped highways for consumers to drive on without using their hands. The latest expansion drastically increases that number and brings more stress-free driving to owners. 

What Else Is Cadillac Updating? 

The large update comes at an interesting time for General Motors, as the automaker announced that more vehicles would be offered with Super Cruise. Also, the automaker is looking to refine the system by adding more features and capabilities before the expansion. The extra 70,000 miles is the third part of that equation. 

The new stretches of highway will include "limited intersections and traffic control" devices claims Cadillac. When a Super-Cruise-equipped car comes up to a pedestrian crossing, railroad crossing, stop sign, or stoplight, the system will alert drivers to take authority of the vehicle. 

"We are constantly working to make Super Cruise the most beneficial system for our customers," said Mario Maiorana, Super Cruise chief engineer. "Expanding our offering of compatible highways will allow people the ease and convivence of traveling hands-free more often." 

Cadillac claims that CT6 owners have already traveled 2.5 million miles using Super Cruise, which is an impressive figure as the sedan has only been available for two model years. With the expansion of Super Cruise to new models, starting with the CT5 next year, and the progression of the tech, Cadillac's semi-autonomous system is poised to expand its reach as one fo the better driving systems on the market. 

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