Mercedes Benz Working On Electric E-Class Sedan to Rival the Tesla Model S

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【Summary】Documents released by the Chinese Ministry of Information & Technology suggest that Mercedes Benz is working on an electrified version of its E-Class sedan under the codename “v295.”

Manish Kharinta    Jun 10, 2019 10:54 AM PT
Mercedes Benz Working On Electric E-Class Sedan to Rival the Tesla Model S
The 2019 Mercedes Benz E-Class sedan

Electric automaker Tesla is starting to feel the heat now that competition for the pioneering company is ramping up, as rival automakers introduce their own fully-electric models.

Recently a prototype of Porsche Taycan was spied testing and now reports are hinting that German automaker Mercedes-Benz may also be working on developing an electric E-Class sedan which will rival the Tesla Model S.

The latest revelations into the aggressively expanding EQ family come from a document released by the Chinese ministry of information and technology. The document states that Mercedes is currently working on an electrified version of its E-Class sedan under codename "v295."

This under-development electric sedan will most likely take on the EQE moniker and is being rumored to be a bit shorter than the conventional E-Class sedan. However, due to its electric powertrain, the EQE will offer more cabin space than its gas-powered sibling.

The report also suggests that the electric EQE sedan will be offered with a four-wheel drive setup, with a lower ride height than the conventional E-Class sedan. The Mercedes EQE will feature a dual-motor setup, with one motor powering the front and other powering the rear wheels.

The dual electric motor setup is rumored to generate 402 horsepower and 564 lb-ft of torque. Estimated driving range of the EQE is around 373 miles and reports suggest that the new electric sedan will also include a highly advanced semi-autonomous driving system.

The automaker is also considering producing a sporty, rear-wheel-drive performance variant, which is likely to make its debut in 2022.

The Mercedes Benz EQ Line of Electric Models

Mercedes recently launched the electric EQC SUV and the carmaker has announced that its electric SUV is just a glimpse into what's in store for the new EQ family of electric models.

Earlier, Mercedes showcased an all-electric entry-level compact hatchback dubbed the EQA concept and a people carrier concept van called the EQV.

So far, Mercedes Benz has not confirmed the launch dates of these concepts,  but the company did confirm that an all-electric version of the Mercedes GLB compact SUV will make its debut in 2021 and join the Mercedes EQ family. This compact SUV will get the EQB moniker.

Also in 2021, Mercedes plans to launch an electrified version of its flagship S-Class sedan, which will be called the Mercedes EQS.

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