Audi Recalling Electric e-tron SUV Over Battery Fire Risk

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【Summary】Things continue to get worse for Audi’s first all-electric SUV, as the automaker has issued a recall over a possible fire risk.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Jul 22, 2019 6:00 AM PT
Audi Recalling Electric e-tron SUV Over Battery Fire Risk

Things have not gone well for Audi's first all-electric vehicle: the e-tron SUV. Automakers have struggled with electric vehicles recently, as they're not profitable, are costing a fortune to develop, and aren't extremely popular with consumers. But poor old Audi, well the German automaker has been struggling in every way possible with the e-tron.

New Recall Issued Over Possible Fire Risk

In the latest things that could go wrong with the e-tron, Audi is recalling a total of 1,644 SUVs over a potential risk of a battery fire, reports Bloomberg. Roughly 540 e-tron SUVs are already in the hands of consumers, while the other 1,104 units are either waiting at dealerships or in transit to dealers. The outlet, who spoke with an Audi spokesman, reports that the recall has been issued over moisture that can enter the vehicle's battery cell through a glitch with the wiring harness.

Audi claims that there have been five global instances where a battery fault light in the e-tron has lit up because of moisture issues with the SUV. The automaker started contacting e-tron owners last week. As part of the repair, e-tron owners will get their vehicles picked up and delivered. A service loaner and a $800 gift card to cover gas are also included.

CNET reports that Audi is still working on a fix, though it hasn't officially nailed one down yet. The outlet claims that one fix could be replacing the grommet that may allow moisture buildup, while the other is replacing the SUV's wiring harness. Regardless of the fix, Audi claims that a repair will be available by August.

"We are applying an abundance of caution as no such incidents have been reported globally," said the company in a statement.

Audi's e-tron Has Been A Nightmare

While those numbers are only for affected e-tron models in the U.S., Audi also has to deal with the issue on a global scale. Looking at the issue globally, Audi claims that there could be roughly 7,000 models affected worldwide, which includes 2,300 SUVs in Germany.

The e-tron has been entangled in delays and woes since its inception. The electric SUV's original launch event was canceled because Audi's CEO was arrested on alleged charges due to the brand's Dieselgate scandal. In October, the SUV hit its second delay because of a software update. Then in April, a battery delivery shortage because of LG Chem's increase in pricing delayed the SUV once again.  

It's been a tough road for the e-tron, which is a shame, as it's a good EV. The vehicle has roughly 250 miles of electric range, which outperforms its key rivals , has the ability to get 80 percent of its charge back in less than 30 minutes, and starts at a somewhat reasonable $88,000.

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