BMW's Electric Roadster Concept Motorcycle Features the Company's Iconic Boxer Engine Profile

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【Summary】BMW released a glimpse of its prototype NEXT 100 concept motorcycle called the Vision DC Roadster.

Manish Kharinta    Jun 30, 2019 8:00 AM PT
BMW's Electric Roadster Concept Motorcycle Features the Company's Iconic Boxer Engine Profile

A few years ago, BMW's Motorrad division showcased the Vision NEXT 100 concept at the BMW Group Future Experience Exhibition in Los Angeles. The concept bike looked more like a far-fetched futuristic design than a production-spec electric motorcycle. 

However, despite being surrounded by rumors of hybrid powertrains, BMW recently offered a glimpse of a real-world prototype of the NEXT 100 concept called the Vision DC Roadster, bringing BMW one step closer to turning its electric motorcycle vision into reality.

With companies like Zero Motorcycles aggressively pushing its products into the market, no such move has been made yet by BMW.

The motorcycle division of BMW is concerned that the company has not introduced any level of electrification across its motorcycle lineup, with the exception of the BMW C evolution, which is an electric scooter. 

Considering the popularity of electric motorcycles and BMW's unsuccessful attempt at breaking into the electric two-wheeler segment with the C evolution electric scooter, it looks like BMW's new electric motorcycle might turn the tables for the automaker.

The electric bike features a design that emulates BMW's iconic horizontal cylinder heads, which are purposefully designed to mimic the company's iconic Boxer twin-engine design profile. 

Since the Vision DC Roadster is an all-electric motorcycle, instead of the Boxer cylinder heads, we find a large battery pack positioned vertically at the core of the frame, which is encased by cooling components on each side giving it BMW's signature horizontal cylinder head fascia.

Even though the motorcycle does not have a gas tank, the arches have been designed to imitate one. This design approach not only helps the designers offer a familiar silhouette to buyers but also helps in maintaining a low center of gravity.

BMW designed the Vision DC Roadster with an arrow-like silhouette. Power is sent to the rear wheel via a low maintenance drive shaft. The electric motorcycle also comes with a floating saddle, keeping the rider in a commanding upright position. 

Even though Vision DC Roadster is just a prototype, BMW has gone ahead and released details of its "Smart Gear concept" biker apparel to go along with the new electric bike. 

Smart gear is BMW's conceptual line of  biker apparel, which features hidden protectors to offer a more seamless look to the clothing, which also includes a magnetic rucksack that snaps onto the back of the vest.

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