Quick Comparison: Long Range Tesla Model X vs. the BMW X5 50i

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【Summary】A quick comparison of the long-range version of Tesla Model X SUV and the BMW X5 50i.

Manish Kharinta    Aug 11, 2019 11:18 AM PT
Quick Comparison: Long Range Tesla Model X vs. the BMW X5 50i

The crowded crossover and SUV segment is gaining a lot of interest in the North American market. So much so in fact, that automakers like Ford Motor Co. have decided to discontinue the company's entire sedan lineup up to focus on ramping up the development of its crossover and SUV portfolio. 

The story isn't much different when it comes to the electrified sport utility vehicle segment. So we've have decided to compare the long-range version of Model X the SUV from the pioneering EV manufacturer Tesla and the X5 xDrive 50i from BMW.


Stepping inside the Tesla Model X, one cannot help but take notice of the impressive panoramic glass panels and minimalistic, yet spaceship-esque interior design. The interior in the X5 are not too shabby either. However, the X5 does not feature a large touchscreen center-mounted control panel that has become a signature of Tesla design. The BMW's X5 has a more controlled feel to the cabin, which might appeal to drivers that prefer a more traditional setup inside their cars.


The Tesla Model X has a minimalist interior. 

Both cars come with a range of infotainment and luxury features. BMW even offers heated and cooling cup holders as optional extras in the X5 50i. Like Tesla, BMW now also offers over the air software updates for its premium SUV.

Drive and handling

As a battery-powered SUV with its large, powerful battery pack built into the floor pan, the Tesla Model X offers a very low center of gravity, which translates into impressive handling characteristics. 

As expected BMW also has a few aces up its sleeve like paddle shifters which will appeal to drivers looking for a more aggressive behind the wheel experience. The X5 50i with its thundering engine note from the powerful V8 engine also comes with a sport mode, which stiffens the suspension all around, but that is still not enough to make it as quick as the Model X.


The base long-range version of Tesla Model X has a $84,990 price tag, which is almost $10,000 more than the X5 50i. For drivers who opt for the top of the range Model X performance the price go up to $104,990. 


The 2019 BMW X5 xDrive 50i


The BMW X5 50i is one of the best performance SUVs available in the market today. The premium SUV is more than capable of keeping up with futuristic offerings like the Tesla Model X. 

The long-range trim of Model X gets a 0 to 60 mph acceleration time of 4.4 seconds which is only 0.2 seconds quicker than that of the X5. The Model X is the more extravagant of the two vehicles, but in terms of sheer luxury and panache, the German SUV is in a league of its own. This along with the peace of mind and refined engineering of the BMW X5 xDrive 50i makes the German SUV a top pick.

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