Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS Concept Is a Take on Modern Luxury

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【Summary】The new EQS Concept that was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show joins the “EQ” family of electric cars and showcases the possibility of a modular electric platform.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Oct 21, 2019 6:00 AM PT
Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS Concept Is a Take on Modern Luxury

Mercedes-Benz isn't a stranger to electric vehicles or radical concepts. In fact, the majority of recent concepts from the German automaker have been a look at the future of EVs, autonomous vehicles, and ultra luxurious machines that could be on the road in the distant future. With the future quickly approaching, Mercedes' latest concept is just as radical, but it showcases other underlying things that the automakers are looking to put into production.

Futuristic, But Important
The EQS Concept, which came out at the Frankfurt Motor Show, joins the EQC all-electric SUV , as part of the "EQ" family of vehicles. Marketing language for the vehicle pins it as a "thrilling, futuristic design for EQ models from Mercedes-Benz." As usual, the concept does look stunning, but we're more interested in what's underneath the body.
With a 100-kWh battery pack, Mercedes is looking to get up to 435 miles – by European standards – out of the electric powertrain and have approximately 469 horsepower on tap. Well behind the likes of Tesla and Porsche, zero to 60 takes the concept roughly 4.5 seconds.
Beyond the powertrain, the EQS is an interesting concept because of its platform. According to the automaker, the Vision EQS Concept is built on a "fully-variable battery-electric drive platform," which is a fancy way of saying an electric modular platform. The platform is also "scalable and usable on a cross-model basis." From the sounds of things, Mercedes wants to go down the same route as Volkswagen. VW has its MEB architecture that's underpinning a lot of its electric vehicles and it looks like Mercedes could go down the same route.

Modular And Carbon Netural
Obviously, a modular platform would do wonders for Mercedes. It would help the brand save money in the manufacturing process, come out with vehicles faster, and make batteries the only differentiating factors. It's why a lot of companies have gone down the modular route.
In addition to having a stunning interior that takes "inspiration from the world of luxury yachts," the EQS Concept uses a lot of sustainable materials. Recycled plastic bottles, for instance, are used liberally in the cabin, while the roof liner is partly made out of "ocean waste" plastic.
Alongside recycled materials, the EQS Concept also has a plethora of displays and projection surfaces. Together, as Mercedes-Benz claims, allow "digital content [to] be immersively experienced over the entire area."
Lastly, the EQS is a look at what's possible when Mercedes begins to take a more carbon-neutral approach to manufacturing vehicles. Whether it's for production of a market-ready EQS or any other of its electric vehicles, Mercedes wants to buy battery cells that are produced in a carbon-neutral manner. Renewable energy sources, recycling, and "respect for human rights in the supply chain" are things that can help with that endeavor.
Realistically, we're expecting a real-world market option to join the EQC crossover. It would give the automaker a two-pronged approach to EVs instead of just having one vehicle. Plus, Porsche and Tesla have electric sedans, which means one from Mercedes would be a good option.

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