Mercedes-Benz Becomes Latest Automaker to Join Electric Scooter Frenzy

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【Summary】The German automaker partnered with scooter specialist micro to usher Mercedes into the new era of transportation.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Sep 22, 2019 6:00 AM PT
Mercedes-Benz Becomes Latest Automaker to Join Electric Scooter Frenzy

For urbanites, electric scooters have become a popular mode of transportation. Owning cars in a city can be difficult. Parking isn't readily available, traffic is always bad, and trips are usually only a few miles in length, making the hassle of paying for insurance, gas, parking, and the car itself too much of an issue. For the last few miles , or mile, of a journey electric scooters have rapidly gained in popularity. Now, a prominent luxury brand wants in on the electric scooter scene.

From Luxury To Mobility
Mercedes-Benz quietly announced an electric scooter at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. The German automaker, as The Verge pointed out, hid the news of the introduction of an electric scooter deep into a press release that claimed the electric scooter would become a member the EQ family. The scooter is just one accessory that Mercedes plans to introduce in the future – the others include toy cars and headphones.
Electric scooters have been around in Germany since June. According to the German automaker, they're seen as ways to cover short distances without having the same negative effect on the environment as a car. More specifically, Mercedes-Benz sees electric scooters as the way of traveling either the first mile or the last mile of a trip. The scooter was developed in partnership with micro, a prominent scooter company that's famous for inventing the Kickboard and the Micro Scooter. Mercedes hopes to have the scooter on the road by 2020. It's highly likely that the scooter will first come out in Germany before reaching other parts of the world.

Mercedes Will Have Loads Of Competition
Beyond that, there's little in terms of actual information. There's no data on range, pricing, speed, or charging specifications. Unlike current electric-scooter companies on the road, Mercedes-Benz is looking to sell their electric two-wheelers directly to consumers. It will be interesting to see if the automaker bundles the scooter with the EQ electric crossover or as a standalone accessory that consumers can purchase at dealerships.
A lot of traditional automakers are interested in electric scooters. Some, like BMW, Audi , and Volkswagen have shown off their own versions, while other brands, like Ford, have simply purchased scooter companies (Spin).
With Mercedes-Benz being a bona fide luxury brand, it will be interesting to see how the automaker's scooter stacks up to the competition's. Beyond companies like Jump (Uber), Lime, Spin, and Bird , which all share ride-sharing qualities, some companies sell electric scooters directly to customers. Exactly how big the market is and how many would be willing to shell out more money for an option with a Mercedes-Benz badge is up in the air.

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