About us

FutureCar is a media company specializing in introducing new investment opportunities for global investors in the automotive industry. The company is based in Santa Clara, California right in the heart of Silicon Valley. 

The automotive industry is evolving rapidly, with many new innovations, as well as start-ups entering the market. It can be difficult for an investor to keep up with all of these new technologies.

As a leading media company, Futurecar's mission is to provide expert coverage the automotive industry on our website,, so investors have a platform that they can rely on for high quality, original content about rapidly evloving auto industry.

The content we provide gives our global investors, especially those in the emerging markets, a single, dedicated source of direct knowledge to investment opportunities in the automotive industry. These investment opportunities include new technologies that will allow the entire automotive supply chain to be more efficient in the next several years.

FutureCar has accumulated a growing number of high net worth (HNWI) global clients through our long media history of providing expertly curated content.

FutureCar is prepared to be the top media platform where investors can find specialized, high-quality digital content and news about technological innovation, provided by an experienced team of industry experts with diverse business backgrounds. This will enable more global investors to participate in creating a better future.

FutureCar, for a better future.