Goodyear is Testing its New ‘Intelligent Tires' with Mobility Startup Priva

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【Summary】Michigan-based mobility startup Priva Mobility, which provides mobile offices for workers on the go, is testing a new type of “intelligent tire” on its fleet of vehicles in a partnership with the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.

Eric Walz    Oct 31, 2019 12:00 PM PT
Goodyear is Testing its New ‘Intelligent Tires' with Mobility Startup Priva

Michigan-based mobility startup Priva Mobility, which provides mobile office space for workers on the go, is testing a new type of "intelligent tire" on its fleet of vehicles in a partnership with the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. The Goodyear tires are equipped with various sensors to help fleet operators monitor their vehicles more efficiently.

Goodyear first showcased the intelligent tires at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show.

The intelligent tires use a cloud-based application to which allows fleet operators and drivers to identify and resolve any potential repair issues that might result in vehicle-downtime. The tires have a sensor mounted on the inside that allows Goodyear and Priva to gather real-time tire data using its proprietary algorithms. The data includes including wear, speed, temperature and tire pressure. 

This tire data is continuously updated and shared with fleet operators in real time via an app. With this real-time information, Priva is better able to predict upcoming tire maintenance needs, which can reduce vehicle downtime. For example, if a tire on one of the vehicles suddenly lost air pressure, a fleet operator will be immediately notified, even before the driver has time to pull over.

If one or more tires in the fleet needs replacement, The real time data includes the tire brand, model, size, as well as the speed and traction ratings of each tire. All of this information is available on one screen for fleet operators.

"Fleets are looking to operate their vehicles as safely and efficiently as possible to meet the needs of their customers," said Erin Spring, Goodyear director of New Ventures. "Digital tire information helps enable this goal by providing proactive information, integrated with their service scheduling needs. Goodyear is pleased to work with innovative partners like Priva, which is focused on the future of transportation, today."

Priva is a new startup that is focused on making business teams more productive when traveling for work. The company operates a fleet of shuttles that function as luxury mobile offices. 

The company's fleet includes include Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans and luxury SUVs which are outfitted with high-speed Wi-Fi, leather seating with tray tables and cup holders, projection screens for video conference calls, luggage storage and even a small refrigerator stocked with beverages and snacks. 

The shuttles operate on a route between Chicago and Detroit, providing workers a comfortable mobile office space while on the road, helping them to stay more productive instead of driving to an airport or taking city mass transit to an important business meeting. Priva plans to expand its service to other cities.

The idea is to allow business teams to collaborate and work together on the go, instead of having each team member take a seperate flight to one of the two cities for business meetings or other work related travel.

The pilot with Priva is part of Goodyear's ongoing efforts to deliver solutions for the future of mobility where autonomous shuttles might whisk people around cities. Goodyear's intelligent tires can provide an additional layer of safety for their deployment.

"Predictive maintenance technologies are essential for the safety and reliability of future mobility systems. These technologies underpin commercial aviation and now must migrate into automotive applications," said Ryan Gee, Priva's founder and chief executive officer. "Goodyear's intelligent tire system is an excellent example of how technology will make mobility safer for everyone, and our team at Priva is excited to collaborate with Goodyear on this endeavor."

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