How Will Ford's New 'Mach E' Mustang-inspired e-SUV Fair Against the Tesla Model Y?

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【Summary】Ford has divulged some new information about its upcoming Mustang-inspired e-SUV, which will compete with the upcoming Tesla Model Y.

Manish Kharinta    Dec 09, 2019 11:05 AM PT
How Will Ford's New 'Mach E' Mustang-inspired e-SUV Fair Against the Tesla Model Y?
The Ford Motor Co. only released this teaser image of its upcoming Mustang-inspired SUV.

The Ford Motor Company caused quite a stir recently when it released an official teaser image showing a silhouette of the automaker's upcoming Mustang-inspired electric SUV. The highly anticipated electric utility vehicle was recently spotted during a road test donning heavy camouflage, but the teaser image better outlines the overall profile of the EV.

Industry speculation suggests that Ford's first EV might be called ‘Mach E' and will compete as Ford's champion against electric models like the Tesla Model Y and Volkswagen ID.4. 

As far as the official word is concerned, Ford confirmed that it will be bringing the Mustang-inspired SUV to this month's Los Angeles Auto Show, with the global reveal scheduled for November 17.

According to rumors, even the entry-level variant of Ford Mach E will offer an EPA estimated electric driving range of over 300 miles and a long-range version is expected to offer over 370 miles of range. 

The performance-oriented Mach E SUV will be capable of sprinting from 0 to 60 mph in under 3.5 seconds, which is the same as Tesla's Model Y. With such similar specifications, its becoming increasingly obvious that Ford is directly targeting upcoming Tesla's Model Y crossover.

Deliveries of both electric crossovers are expected to begin in 2020.

Not only are the performance and range figures of the Mustang-inspired crossover and the Tesla Model Y similar, the Mach E's price will start around $40,000, about the same as the Model Y.

We expect the entry-level version of Ford's new electric crossover to join the crossover's longer-range variant later on in the EV's lifecycle, just like Tesla is doing with the Model Y. 

The Standard Range Model Y will be added to the car's lineup in 2021 featuring a $39,000 price tag. Tesla plans to offer the more expensive variants initially, just as it did with the launch of the Model 3.

Ford's vast nationwide dealership network might turn the tables in favor of the Mustang-inspired EV, as it would make the electric crossover more accessible to the brand's large and loyal customer base. 

Instead of relying on a large dealership network, Tesla would have to counter Ford's move with its borderline perfect service and maintenance network, which manages to work effectively thanks to onsite technical support and the company's over-the-air software updates.

Tesla might also raise the bar by amping up its production, as the new Shanghai Gigafactory will soon begin producing vehicles, including the Model Y and Model 3.

Based on the information available so far, both EVs more or less seem to balance each other out in every aspect. Therefore, we expect that it would eventually be brand loyalty acting as the factor determining which electric crossover comes out victorious, which might give Tesla an edge, as its customers are some of the most loyal out of any company.

Tesla's futuristic and upscale appeal versus Ford's legendary pedigree might eventually be the sole factor determining the results of this rivalry. 

Ford has also partnered with Electrify America to ensure its upcoming crossover is supported by an efficient and reliable nationwide charging network.

We expect Mach E to also come with DC fast charging capabilities, which means it will be able to use the Electrify America's fast-growing network of 150 kW DC chargers that according to Ford will be able to add 43 miles of range in 10 minutes.

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