BMW Upcoming iX2 Electric Crossover Spied for the First Time

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【Summary】 a prototype of BMW's upcoming iX2 Electric Crossover was spied for the first time in Sweden.

Manish Kharinta    Dec 15, 2019 1:30 PM PT
BMW Upcoming iX2 Electric Crossover Spied for the First Time
The BMW iX2 will be based on the new X2 crossover.

After BMW officially green-lighting the production of an all-electric X1 crossover and 5-Series sedan, the German automaker is gearing up for the global unveiling of its next-generation BMW X2. We also know that the company is working on electrifying the upcoming the X2 model, which will aptly be dubbed the BMW iX2.

For the first time ever, a prototype of the highly-anticipated electric BMW X2 has been spotted during a road test in Sweden and the electric iX2 was practically undisguised. The photos were published by Motor1.

However, BMW did try to camouflage the EV prototype by stamping on some X2 xDrive 25e badges around the tailgate, even leaving in place an unconnected exhaust tip. The front doors sported "electric test vehicle" labels in place of BMW's more common "hybrid test vehicle" signage, which gave away the true identity of the vehicle. 

The front end of the prototype features what looks like fog lamps that seem to be integrated into the bumper. However, we assume that these are just stickers and BMW will later incorporate the actual fog lamp units in the headlight clusters, which will give the electric X2 a more seamless and therefore futuristic appearance. 

We saw a similar setup on the PHEV road-test vehicle earlier this year.


A Spy shot of the eletric BMW iX2 in Sweden. (Photo: Motor1)

So far, BMW has refrained from disclosing details about the electric powertrain in the upcoming iX2. We expect that the electric crossover will share the company's all-new 5th generation drivetrain, which has been purpose-built for its upcoming electric vehicle lineup. This new electric architecture is slated to debut in the upcoming BMW iX3 followed by the i4 and lastly the futuristic BMW iNEXT.

Like its larger electric sibling, which the company has confirmed will don the moniker iX3, we expect that the battery-only BMW X2 will be introduced under the iX2 nameplate. 

Looking ahead, BMW plans on expanding its electric portfolio quite extensively, as the carmaker has already registered every model name starting from "iX1" going all the way up to "iX9".

The all-electric BMW likely share most of its styling with the upcoming X2 facelift. The automaker has not yet commented on a tentative debut date for the iX2, but its expected to follow the introduction of a plug-in hybrid version, which is scheduled to debut sometime next year.

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