Bosch's Latest Artificial Intelligence System Looks out for Tired, Distracted Drivers

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【Summary】Thanks to cameras that are located in the steering wheel and close to the rearview mirror, Bosch’s newest A.I. system watches drivers to see if they’re distracted or tired, helping reduce the number of accidents.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Feb 02, 2020 3:00 PM PT
Bosch's Latest Artificial Intelligence System Looks out for Tired, Distracted Drivers

A lot of new technology on the road is meant to take some aspects of driving away from the driver. Sensors, cameras, and radar systems can now allow vehicles to steer themselves, accelerate and brake on their own, and avoid collisions without any input from the driver. Bosch's latest artificial intelligence system, though, is putting the focus back on the driver with the aim of reducing the number of accidents involving automobiles.

Keeping An Eye On The Driver

Bosch has come out with a new monitoring system that features artificial intelligence to keep an eye on the driver. The system also uses facial-recognition technology to note when the driver is distracted or falling asleep. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the system is capable of looking out for multiple scenarios, like drivers looking at their phones or drivers that are turned around talking to passengers in the back.

After recognizing that the driver is indeed distracted or sleeping, the system can take action. For drivers that are sleeping, it will attempt to wake them up. If it senses that the driver is distracted, it will remind him or her to look forward. It can also recommend drivers to take a break. In extreme conditions, it can even slow the vehicle down to prevent a collision or park the vehicle in a safe location.

In order to keep an eye out on the driver, Bosch has incorporated cameras into the steering wheel and one either underneath or above the rearview mirror. The camera in the steering wheel is predominantly used to ensure the driver is always looking out of the front of the vehicle. The one near the rearview mirror is more for checking out passengers.

What Makes Bosch's System Unique?

A few automakers already have driver awareness monitoring systems on the market. One of the more notable advanced driver-monitoring systems on the market belongs to the Cadillac CT6. The sedan is fitted with Cadillac's Super Cruise tech that's a hands-off system that uses cameras and sensors to ensure the driver is paying attention and not watching something on YouTube.

Bosch's system, though, is slightly more complex than what you'll find on the market today. Instead of just recognizing that the driver isn't paying attention, it recognizes exactly what's going on and comes up with a unique warning that's catered to that issue.

There's also a smartphone aspect to the system. The camera mounted near the rearview camera can recognize things like a child left in the backseat. When that happens, the system can send an alert to the driver's smartphone to let them know to check the rear seats. In the case of an emergency, the system can also alert the necessary emergency services.

With so many new driving-assist systems on the road, tech like this will become important for cars to recognize whether drivers are abusing systems or are really ready to take control of the vehicle from an autonomous system.

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