Here Are Some More Details About the Upcoming Tesla Model Y Crossover

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【Summary】Tesla Model Y recently received its CARB certification, which indicates that deliveries will soon be underway. Here's what you need to know about Tesla's new electric crossover.

Manish Kharinta    Mar 02, 2020 2:00 PM PT
Here Are Some More Details About the Upcoming Tesla Model Y Crossover
The Tesla Model Y

Tesla's new Model Y electric crossover is one of the most highly anticipated Tesla offerings to hit the market. The electric crossover recently received its California Air Resources Board (CARB) certification, which means that deliveries of Model Y will soon be underway.

This was also the case for Model 3 sedan. Tesla received its CARB certification on July 3, 2017 and deliveries began on July 28.

With Tesla's next earnings call coming up on January 29, we expect that the American electric vehicle manufacturer will introduce Model Y sometime in February.

Another indication of Tesla Model Y's impending arrival is the fact that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) now allows customers to input a Model Y VIN number and decode it on its official website. The website also includes the new electric crossover in Tesla's model lineup.

The first models to hit the market are expected to be the performance variant of Model Y, followed by the all-wheel-drive version. A rear-wheel-drive long-range model will also join the lineup later in the production cycle. We also expect a comparatively inexpensive Standard range variant to join the ranks at some point.

Recently, several spy shots of Tesla Model Y parked next to the company's Model X e-SUV surface online. Judging from the multiple pictures being shared online, the Model Y might feature a much higher roofline than expected.

Speaking of the roof, the central crossbeam on Model Y has been moved down towards the back of the crossover unlike the one in Model X which is located in the middle of the glass roof. This will definitely enhance the panoramic glass roof experience in Model Y.

Industry speculations also indicate that the Tesla Model Y might offer more storage space than Model X, courtesy of additional cargo compartment. There is also the possibility that Tesla will offer an electric tailgate and power-folding rear seats.

The crossover will likely come equipped with Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Capability, which is Tesla's fully-autonomous driving system. Last year, chief executive Elon Musk announced that Tesla would offer this advanced autonomous driving feature in its EVs by the end of 2019, which obviously was not the case.

The Model 3 sedan configurator on Tesla's official website, however, allows the customers to select the full self-driving option, informing them that this feature will come later this year, meaning that customers might not get it until the end of 2020.

The full self- driving feature recognizes and responds to stop signs and traffic lights and is capable of autonomous driving on city streets, according to Tesla.

With competitive pricing and the growing popularity of the crossover SUV segment, we will not be surprised if Model Y soon becomes Tesla's best-selling offering.

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