Mercedes-Benz Testing Production Version of EQS in California

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【Summary】Mercedes showcased a camouflaged EQS electric sedan that has been testing in California alongside a concept version.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Mar 09, 2020 7:00 AM PT
Mercedes-Benz Testing Production Version of EQS in California

Left and right, automakers have showcased stunning concepts to lead the way forward for their electric plans. Rarely, though, do concept vehicles translate into the production versions. Last September, Mercedes-Benz unveiled a gorgeous concept called the EQS. The concept was intended to be the head of the "EQ" family of electric vehicles from the brand and looked stunning. While we knew Mercedes was planning on putting a production version of the EQS onto the road, the automaker has put out some more information on the vehicle and put out pictures of a camouflaged version of the production vehicle.

EQS To Be Part Of S-Class Family

According to CNET's Roadshow, the production version of the EQS will slot in as a member of Mercedes' S-Class – the second most expensive line of sedans the brand sells. Despite being a member of the S-Class family, the EQS will not ride on the same platform as that model. Instead, the electric car will utilize an electric-car architecture that we're sure will be modular.

While Mercedes stated how the EQS will fit into the brand's lineup, it didn't say anything about performance. The concept, though, featured a two-motor design that had a total output of 470 horsepower and 560 pound-feet of torque. All-wheel drive was standard and the vehicle reportedly has a range of 435 miles. If those figures hold up to the production model, the EQS would be the EV to beat when it comes to range.

Now onto the juicy bit, the styling. The heavily camouflaged car will look similar to the gorgeous concept. It's got the same sloping roofline, similar overhangs at the front and back, and similar light designs. Unfortunately, regulations being what they are, the overall smoothness and curviness of the concept are gone. The back is especially boxier, while the front is more angular. Still, it's not like the current S-Class in any way.

More Testing To Be Done

The outlet didn't get a look at the EQS' interior, but the concept had a radical design that probably won't make it to the production version. There weren't a lot of screens, though even things like putting the windows up and down are controlled by touchpads in the concept, but there were quite a lot of interesting elements that seem tricky to incorporate into a production vehicle. The square steering wheel, curved touchscreen that leads directly into the center console, and open seating concept may go out the windows for the sake of regulations.

Mercedes is testing the EQS is a number of areas, including Sunnyvale, California. At the automaker's North American research and development center, the automaker is looking into the vehicle's charging and telematics, reports the outlet. Other areas where the vehicle is being tested include Sweden, South Africa, and Germany.

With the EQS joining the S-Class lineup, CNET believes that the model will be unveiled shortly after the debut of the S-Class, which is set to come out before the end of 2020. With the EQS expected to be the flagship of Mercedes' electric line, we expect pricing to eclipse the S-Class'

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