Ferrari Patent Application Hints at Possible EV

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【Summary】A new patent application that was published by the European Patent Office recently reveals a possible direction that Ferrari could take for an all-electric vehicle.

Vineeth Joel Patel    Mar 11, 2020 7:00 AM PT
Ferrari Patent Application Hints at Possible EV

Even high-performance automakers haven't been able to avoid the move toward electric vehicles. Porsche, a brand known for its high-end sports cars and racecars, came out with the all-electric Taycan recently. If that isn't a sign of just how far traditional automakers have had to skew from their norm, I'm not quite sure what is. There are a few automakers, though, that haven't made the switch yet, and Ferrari is one of them.

Ferrari Going Fully Electric?

The exotic Italian marque has electrified a few of its vehicles. There was the LaFerrari, a two-door supercar that features a Formula One-like KERS-style hybrid system. The system, though, was all about improving performance and not exactly about fuel efficiency. Then, there was the SF90 Stradale, a 986-horsepower monster with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. While the vehicle can reportedly travel up to 16 miles on electricity alone, the powertrain is still being used to add an extra dose of performance to the car.

Things in the automotive industry are constantly changing, and even Ferrari knows that electrified vehicles are the future. A few years ago, the brand announced that it wanted 60 percent of its vehicles to have some sort of electrification by 2022. So electrified Ferraris are part of the brand's future.

While we don't know a lot about what's in the pipeline, CNET found a patent application by Ferrari that was published by the European Patent Office recently. The patent reportedly first came out on a Porsche Taycan EV forum and envisions what Ferrari possibly has in mind for its first battery-powered car. Now, this just being a patent, it's possible that Ferrari is just using this for illustration purposes. Or that the drawings could result in something completely different and not an EV. Still, there's a chance that this could depict what's just a few years away.

What The Patent Shows Us

Notably, the vehicle has a wedge-shaped design, which is something Italian marques are known for. There's also only room for two, which certainly means that this isn't, mercifully, some SUV, and up to four electric motors. That could point toward the vehicle having all-wheel drive. In the application, there's a description of how the motors could work individually, too. The latter, though, could make its way to a hybrid sports car before the introduction of an EV.

While we're holding our breath for a possible EV from Ferrari, the brand continually talks about electric motors being paired with an internal-combustion engine. There's also talk of up to four electric motors and a gasoline engine. So it's possible that Ferrari just wants to combine the best of both motors possible at the moment in one incredibly powerful machine.

Ferrari has a way of keeping things close to its chest until the very last moment. We doubt we'll hear any whispers of an electric vehicle until the brand is ready to put it on display. But rest assured, that when Ferrari does come out with another electrified vehicle, it will simply have to be the best.

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