General Motors Will Offer Sneak Peek into its Electric Future During Company's Upcoming ‘EV Day'

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【Summary】General Motors is gearing up for its upcoming ‘EV day’ on March 4, where the company will elaborate on its future electrification strategy.

Manish Kharinta    Feb 09, 2020 1:05 PM PT
General Motors Will Offer Sneak Peek into its Electric Future During Company's Upcoming ‘EV Day'
The electric Hummer with be part of the the GMC truck brand.

The new year has been off to an electrifying start for General Motors, as the company recently announced that its GMC-badged Hummer electric truck will make its global debut no later than May this year. In addition to the launch of the new Hummer, the automaker is also gearing up to host its first ever "EV Day" on March 4.

The President of General Motors, Mark Reuss made the announcement earlier last week during the company's Capital Markets Day presentation. Reuss also elaborated on the company's core strategy and electrification objectives, providing some insight in what we can expect from General Motors upcoming electric vehicle portfolio.

The details of GM's electrification plans stirred up quite a bit of excitement in the auto industry, especially in contrast to the company's current EV lineup, which currently includes just one model—the Chevy Bolt EV. Reuss disclosed that it's all about to change quite drastically and quite soon for GM.

Kicking things off for General Motors will obviously be the upcoming Hummer truck, which is scheduled to make its official global debut on March 20. GM is expected to reveal many more details about the truck next month, including detailed specs of its electric power train. 

The Hummer truck will be the brand's first-ever electric offering built on the company's next-generation BEV3 electric vehicle platform. Production is scheduled to start in the fall 2021 with deliveries starting sometime in 2022.

GM is also working on its short-term electrification plans, which include more consumer friendly EVs, including an updated version of the Bolt EV. The refreshed Bolt model might hit the market as soon as 2021. 

There is also speculation suggesting that an all-new electric utility vehicle (EUV) based on the Bolt platform might be introduced around the same time.

We expect the Detroit automaker will offer more details about the Hummer e-truck during its upcoming EV Day. It's also likely that GM will share details about another new vehicle based on the same BEV3 architecture as the Hummer. 

This undisclosed vehicle is rumored to be the first-ever battery-powered Cadillac that is expected to hit the market sometime in 2022.

GM will elaborate on its entire EV strategy on EV Day, offering a glimpse of its upcoming products. Expect the company to disclose plans on how it will leverage the new versatile and flexible electric vehicle architecture to meet the brand's electrification goals. GM will also elaborate more on its scaling and vertical integration plans of its new EV lineup.

The automaker is also expected to reveal its plans for collaborations with suppliers and other EV manufacturers on EV Day.

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