Goodyear's Latest Tire Concept is Capable of Regenerating New Tread

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【Summary】Instead of simply replacing tires when the tread wears down to a certain level, Goodyear’s ReCharge concept utilizes replaceable pods to help tires grow all-new tread.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Apr 14, 2020 6:00 AM PT
Goodyear's Latest Tire Concept is Capable of Regenerating New Tread

Tires are one of the more overlooked parts of a car. Usually, the majority of drivers don't pay their tires any attention until they fail a safety test (if one is required in the state), grip becomes a concern in inclement weather, or something feels off when you're driving down the road. If a professional recommends getting a new set of tires, we simply remove the old ones that don't have enough tread and place new tires onto the vehicle. It's the way things have been happening since cars came out. But Goodyear is looking to change that with the ReCharge concept.

As Futuristic As Tires Can Get

The ReCharge concept is truly bonkers and futuristic. While automakers and companies are focusing on what cars of the future will be, Goodyear has raised the bar by looking at something nearly 90 percent of people in the industry have overlooked. What makes Goodyear's latest concept so insane is that the company has come up with an idea where owners won't have to physically replace tires anymore. Instead, the tires regenerate new tread when they're worn down.

We told you it all sounds a little farfetched. But, somehow, it gets even more futuristic. While the ReCharge uses a foundation that includes a permanent, airless space that's supported by internal metal components, the way the tread protrudes out to create the tire's surface is unlike anything else. In a simplified way of explaining things, it's almost like putty that's being extruded out to create a surface that allows cars to drive on.

The way the system works is pretty complex. The tire takes replaceable liquid cartridges that can help restore the biodegradable compound that's made from materials that's inspired by spider silk that the car physically drives on. So, when your tire stops having enough tread, you'd simply replace the liquid cartridge on the inside and you have more tread to drive on.

Customization On The Go

If this wasn't futuristic enough, ReCharge also has another ace up its sleeve: customization. The liquid compound inside the cartridge is customizable and can be customized in a way that makes it unique to multiple drivers. The liquid compound, which in turn adjusts the physical tread, can also adjust itself for different weather and road conditions. You won't have to have a dedicated set of winter tires anymore.

If it sounds too futuristic to be true, it's probably because it is. Think of the ReCharge as a look at what's possible in the very far off future instead of what's coming right around the corner. Whether tires adopt radical changes like the ones Goodyear showcased in the ReCharge concept or we see something along the lines of an airless tire, chances are that the humble tire will change greatly sometime in the future. Possibly even becoming as advanced as cars themselves.

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